Friday, October 16, 2015 10:05pm-4:05pm CST

Dear All:

How many times have you prayed and given thanks for your food? If you are 44 years old as I am and you have eaten three meals a day (or if Teresa Blaisdell 5 meals a day) you have given thanks about 48,180 times. I bring this up because after so many times there are only so many ways to tell the Lord you are grateful for your food. In the same way, I am running out of inventive ways to begin my HOWDYs. At any rate; things are going well. Here is a recap of the day:

I was tired last night so got to bed by 11:30 and slept well until 8:30 this morning. This will be my last day to “sleep in”. Got on the computer and checked emails this morning. Some of you are not writing me. Oh, when you do write back do not use the Word Blog site but please write a specific mail to me at Took a stroll to a gas station near the hotel and discovered they have Snickers and Mars Bars so I know where to go when I run out. Vincent came this morning so I could give him some medicine I brought from the States. He has some body pains and the Tylenol I bring him has helped greatly. We also went over the campaign for next June. I also brought money from our MC for a native campaign that he will lead. It was so great to see him as he is one of my favorite brothers anywhere. Then Julien came and we discussed the time I will spend with his congregation this Sunday. Jean Claude came and had to go to a nearby place to get his modem charged. We then took machines to the restaurant. I am sure you get tired of hearing this but people who ride in taxis are crazy. They are also late to wherever they are going! At lunch Jean Claude said I was a white black Cameroonian – not exactly sure how you can pull that off! He said it because Julien was concerned about my getting back to the hotel by myself on a machine which is nothing to worry about. The three of them are pictured below. Vincent is on the left and then Julien and Jean Claude. Before I came back to the hotel I took a machine to a store as I had a few things to buy. Got back with enough time to relax and read. I also had a report come in from one of the Cameroonian preachers so I dealt with it. At 6:30 Martin picked me to go to “Singing Class” which is each Friday. Martin is a great driver who I have written about in the past. You would have LOVED to have been on that machine. When he picked me I expected him to go down and make a legal U-Turn (what was I thinking) because there is a median between the two sides. Instead he made an immediate U-Turn and we began going against the traffic. It was sure nice watching those poor slobs on the right going nowhere fast while we trotted down the road. If Martin was a fish he would be a Salmon because he sure knows how to ‘drive upstream’! When I got there a young woman named Ruth (who I have known for many years) offered to help me down the hill to the church hall. Guess she thinks I am too decrepit. Oh, there was a young man named Michael who will turn 21 on December 26. I told him that my birthday was December 21 and asked him how old he thought I was. When he said 75 I huddled with the brethren to see if he could be disfellowshipped! I am just thankful that Teresa Blaisdell was not here because she does look 85! BTW: have I ever told you what a GREAT girl Teresa is! Had a great time of worship and fellowship with the brethren. On Friday night it is Singing and Prayer night. We sang about 5 songs or so with some prayers mingled in. Then a brother got up and spoke about prayer for 15 minutes. Then we sang one verse of a song and a brother prayed for the nation of Cameroon. Then sang another verse and one prayed for their congregation. Then another verse and one prayed for Jean Claude and his family and then another verse followed by a prayer for the sick. Then we sang a couple of more songs and had a prayer for our mission. Then two more songs and a closing prayer. Hopped on the machine with Martin back to the hotel. I took a shower and I am thankful that I am a white black Cameroonian because my hot water did not function. Us white black Cameroonians along with the Black Cameroonians understand that hot water is only a luxury for wimps. I just Skyped with Grandma and Charlie Brown. Will not see her tomorrow as she is going on a ladie’s retreat. Martin will pick me at 9:30 in the morning and I will work in Bonaberi. Still have a few things to do so will sign off. Thanks for our continued prayers.

In Christ,

Jim Corner

One Response to HOWDY

  1. Chris Simmons says:

    So glad your arrived safely. Give my regards to the brothers and especially Vincent. I am praying for you Bro. Jim and God’s glory during this campaign.

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