Monday, June 29, 2015 11:30pm-5:30pm CST

Dear All:

Shouldn’t travel days be somewhat restful? It is late and I am still working to get everything done that needs to be done. Not sure when I will get to bed but my guess is it will be before the sun comes up. Got up this morning at 6 because we were to load at 7. The time was moved back to 7:30 for some reason unknown to me. We ultimately pulled out around 7:50. Before we left we were taking pictures left and right and the team is below. For those of you who do not know us we are from left to right: Kurt Simmons, Jean Claude Ethe, Vincent Nsah, Mike Degge, Jan Degge, Stephanie Rosnett, yours truly and Louis Bassay. You can see the van behind us is loaded. The middle picture below is of the wall inside our hotel in Kumba. Do you think it would pass code? The kid on the right reminds me of many of our adult brethren where I worship when our preacher is in the pulpit. Fine young man, our preacher. Well, young isn’t exactly the right term but I would not want to call him old but you are what you are. The hotel made us some boiled eggs to eat on the road. I am relaxing right now with a drink called Ananas (the S is silent unlike my darling daughter) and a Kit Kat. Do you think I should follow it up with a Mars Bar? It rained on us small on the way to Douala but was dry once we got here. “Rained on us small” is Pidgeon for it didn’t rain very hard. If you are not real sick but a little sick you will say you are small fine. We stopped a couple of times on the road to buy bananas and bread. The Police stopped us a couple of times but we did not have to show our passports. Once we arrived in Douala the going was very slow. If you live in Dallas picture Central Expressway as a one lane road on each side. Then try to picture trucks, machines and cars jockeying for position. It is absolutely wonderful to watch the expertise of these drivers. We arrived at the hotel around 11. Dumped our bags and went to the Wood Market to buy souvenirs. My daughter went nuts, well, I guess you could say she maintained nuts. I bargained for her and we had a good time. She is the best daughter I have and yes, I only have one but if I had ten she would make the Top Ten or at least get close! I can hear a Mars Bar calling for me but I am not sure if I will heed the call. We came back to the hotel and dumped our stuff and everyone went in a taxi except for me and Stephanie as she wanted to ride a machine. She was in front of me and flapping her arms like she was trying to take off. All of the Americans had burgers while Vincent had chicken and Jean Claude had fish. Louis was not with us as he stayed at home today. We also shared a pizza and it was REALLY good. Kurt and Stephanie also got ice cream. They didn’t think they asked for that much but they got a whole bunch. Can you believe that I was sitting right next to my wonderful daughter and she did not offer her dad as much as a whiff, much less a taste? I would have shared but she evidently has not learned that lesson. We ALL took machines back to the hotel. Jean Claude said he would take a taxi hoping that someone would join him but we all wanted to take machines so the peer pressure got to him. This afternoon I have been packing and reorganizing all of my stuff. Kurt, Mike, Jan and Stephanie played cards for a few hours. Oh, we also went down to the grocery store to buy some Cokes and candy. One thing about this team; we are very health conscious. I took a nice shower tonight and we have hot water! As you have read from past blogs; we take a lot of really good stuff for granted, at least I do. I was able to Skype with Linda earlier. I can’t remember if I told you but our son Michael had a doctor’s appointment today because of his knee. It has been swollen for a couple of weeks but Linda said that there were two people out sick today at his job and she was not sure if he could take the time off. I have downloaded pictures, filled out Custom forms for tomorrow and had a brief meeting with the team. They have been a joy to work with and have made my job very easy. Everyone is well and we are thankful for the part you have played via prayer,

Miscellaneous Items:

1. Stephanie and I were talking last night; well, she was doing most of the talking while my ear got a good work out. At any rate we both agree that while we can truly see the wealth we possess; you do not need to feel guilty because of the way the Lord has blessed you. One thing I have noticed over the years is that over all, the people in Africa are happier than we are. I am convinced that a big part of that is so many of our worries are tied to our wealth. The more you have, the more things can break. I mentioned our A/C going out but our brethren here do not have to worry about such a problem and they are quite happy. When I was a boy we had one window unit and that was it. I was totally happy until we got a new preacher who had a kid my age. I went over to the parsonage one day and they had Central A/C and then I was less happy with what I had.

2. I mentioned the other day that when I went to Bole they had a welcome for me. Let me read a small sentence: This church has been longing to have you in our midst, today our anxiety has been satisfied. They pointed out that the last time I was there was in 1998.

3. Have I told you what a GREAT daughter I have? She is smart, beautiful, a good listener, wonderful, bright, beautiful and fantastic. I only misspoke once in that sentence!

In Christ,

Jim Corner


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