Sunday, June 28, 2015 9:35pm-3:35pm CST

Dear All:

Well, it is over except for a bunch of travel. The Lord has truly blessed us during this campaign as he does on all of them. We finished our time with 113 Bible Studies, 46 baptisms and 6 restorations. I would ask you to be in prayer for the new converts, the brethren who will mature them, those who were restored and those, who for the time being, are struggling to surrender their lives. As always I will begin with the beginning of the day: Had alarm set for 6:51 but got up at 6:47 as the early bird catches the worm. Did normal stuff getting ready for worship. Glenn picked me at 8:50 and we had to wait a few minutes because there were no machines. We finally got in a cab and made it to church with no problems. We arrived at 9:15 and the brethren were singing. There is a picture of the congregation below. I had the Sunday school class and taught from Psalm 119 and examined 8 of the verses. That was followed by a few songs, a prayer and I was back up to preach. Spoke from Luke 14:25ff regarding the cost of discipleship. Giving was next followed by the Lord’s Supper with a number of songs interspersed. 10 minutes of announcements and we were finished at noon. I immediately began teaching prospects and two of them gave their lives to the Lord. They are pictured below: Evelyn is on the left and Glory on the right. I had another study with 4 people and one of them was somewhat difficult but I do believe he has a heart to follow God. We rode in a brother’s car to the stream to baptize. It was a nice, I mean real nice Mercedes Benz. After the baptism I hopped on a machine that belonged to one of the brothers. He is not a typical African because he drove very slowly. Everyone was passing us including a few people who were walking briskly! We did pass two machines that were parked and also passed a few trees that were not moving as quickly as we were. No rain today which was nice. The reality, however, is that the rain has not disturbed us much on this trip. Most of the rain came at night when we were asleep. Yes, there were some muddy roads but all in all, the weather held well. When I got back I took another nice cold shower and the electricity was working well. We have had zero water outages on this trip and only a small amount of electrical problems. I started packing for the journey tomorrow. We ate supper at 6:30 and everything was delicious. Not on par with airplane or hospital food but not far behind. Ran from room to room getting different things done. Stephanie came in my room and we had a good time. It has been such a joy to have her with me. She Skyped with Dean and the boys and then we Skyped with mom. A/C people are supposed to come out tomorrow. We are loading at 7 in the morning so will try to get to bed by 12.

Miscellaneous Items:

1. There are 3 workers here at the hotel that used to work in the Vianello Hotel where we used to stay. I asked them why they left and the hotel had not paid them for 6 months. Over here a hotel can get away with that.

2. At worship today they have two song books. On each one they have written the page number for the other book. They will call out like this: 539 in the new book and 203 in the old book.

3. Today in Bible class I spoke about a big, big house and Glenn translated it into Pidgeon using the word skyscraper.

4. I forgot to tell you that the church I worshipped at last Sunday was a “one cup” church. Nothing to do with theology; they simply have one cup.

We are doing well and thank you for your continued prayers.

In Christ,
Jim Corner

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