Friday, June 26, 2015 8:00pm-2:00pm CST

Dear All:

I am still looking for my first bad day in Cameroon but haven’t located it as of yet. The Lord blessed us with more fruit today. He led the team to teach the gospel to 18 souls and 9 of them gave their lives to the Lord. We will continue to pray that the Lord blesses these new babes as well as the congregations that have the responsibility of maturing them.

Here is how the day began: last night Jean Claude and I were talking in my parlor when the lights went off. I thought nothing about it because it is normal. After a while, however, I looked at the bottom of my door and it appeared that there was light in the hall. There WAS light in the hall and as it turned out, every place except my room. One of the hotel workers tried a thing or two but there was no success. Then they brought in someone else and he could not solve the problem either. They moved me to another room for the night so I could have A/C and I slept just as well there as in my own room. My ministry, not only in Cameroon but in America with World Bible School leads me to sleep in many beds and as Will Rogers once famously said: I never met a bed I didn’t like. It may have been I never met a pizza I didn’t like. I never can get them straight. At any rate; I have never met a bed or pizza that I didn’t like so I was OK. Got up at 6:51 and went back to my regular room. Jean Claude and I had moved a few essentials last night so I moved them back this morning. We had devo and Mike had the lesson and he did a GREAT job! Those periods of fellowship are very precious to me. The taxi that Jean Claude, Vincent, Kurt, Jan & Stephanie rode yesterday (the plank car) picked them and they were not completely excited to see it. Wait, they were not at all excited to see it but off they went. Mike, Louis and I climbed machines to the car park. When we got there the preacher in Big Ekombe (where Mike and Louis are working) had sent a car for us so we had to wait small. Then we took off and I arrived in Bole (pronounced Bo Lay) about 10:45. Walked with Brother Inyang, the preacher back to the hall where there was a large crowd. Had a great worship and then taught a husband and wife. Generally when the husband is a member of a denomination he will not allow the wife to become a member of the church. Not only was the different but I have a level of confidence that he will one day give his life to the Lord. I have a picture of the two new Christians below and the one on the left is Martin and the one on the right is Stephanie. On the way out of Bole I was taken to the chief and he showed me the palace he is building. It is still in the infant stage but appears it will be very nice when completed. I then hopped a machine and after about 20 minutes he stopped, looked at the rear tire, knocked it and then we took off. Once we arrived in Big Ekombe he stopped again and let me know that I would have to take another machine. A driver pulled up on my right and then another driver appeared on my left and they were arguing over me. I just stood and let them figger it out and finally got on the bike on the right. We passed the car you see below and not only was the boot loaded but inside there were 8 people! It rained small on us coming back but nothing of a serious nature. The roads were somewhat slippery but we did not slide. Got to the hotel and decided to take a shower. When I got out the electricity was off and they had not put on the generator. They finally put it on and things were going well. Then we went to supper and I had fish tonight and it was really good. My fridge is not working because the current is too low. The technician said at 11 tonight it will increase. Because of the low current the A/C is barely working so I am perspiring profusely (if I wasn’t such an educated man I would be sweating). In a little while I am going to call and Skype with Linda and Charlie Brown. At 9 several of us are going for a Coke.

While I am thinking about it let me share something that I generally state as least once on each trip. The Lord gave us simple instructions when it comes to salvation and how we need to live to please Him. As Peter states in II Peter 3:16: Paul wrote some things that were hard to understand but those are in the minority. Those issues that are central to Christian faith are not remotely difficult unless you have been blinded by years and years of false teaching. Those of us in the church marvel at how someone could miss, for instance, the plain teaching of baptism as burial since it is clearly stated in Romans 6:4 and Colossians 2:12. You do not need to know a lick of Greek to understand the plain teaching regarding this subject. I cry when I think of the multiplied millions who will be lost because they accepted false teaching that if someone sprinkles a little water on you that you have been baptized. My judgment is that the vast majority of these people are good people. Peter will speak to the brethren in Jerusalem about the conversion of Cornelius. We see from chapter 10 that he was an extremely good, benevolent, moral and religious man. We also see that prior to being immersed in Jesus he was lost. There is no power in any body of water but the power to remove sin comes from God when we obey His Word. We are grateful for each person who surrenders to Christ but equally sad when others reject the plain teaching of Scripture.

Your prayers continue to be answered in the affirmative as we are doing well.

In Christ,

Jim Corner

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