Thursday, June 25, 2015 10:10pm-4:10pm CST

Dear All:

Two days ago we had the least amount of fruit on this trip and today we had the most. We were blessed to teach the gospel to 27 and 16 of them gave their lives to the Lord. I will discuss that more once I get inside the blog. Got up at 6:50 and am continuing to sleep well. I do have one piece of information that is going to cause great anxiety on your part for the suffering I am experiencing My A/C was sooooooo COLD last night that I wasn’t sure if I would make it or not. I have an aversion to turning off the A/C since I know that from time to time it will turn off on its own. In Ekondo I did not have a bed sheet so I used the Bed Skirt but it worked fine. Here I have one small sheet and the hotel is out of blankets so they have brought another sheet for me tonight so hopefully I will not awake to Pneumonia. The picture on the left below is of our devo. It is Kurt’s room and will comfortably seat us. Louis had the devo thought this morning and did his usual superb job. He is such an important part of the work in Cameroon and I am blessed to have him as a friend. We then went down for breakfast. I actually had some bread, butter and jelly which was very good. Others had eggs and sausage and they said it was fine. We then all climbed machines to go to the Car Park to get cars to our various places. My lovely daughter is bummed out that she is not getting much of an opportunity to ride a machine. I rode throughout in Lipenja and rode all the way back today from Bole. The car that Jan, Vincent, Jean Claude, Kurt and Stephanie rode in must have been a doozy. It is unanimous that the back seat is a plank covered with cloth! I wish you could see the car park as it is not like anything you have ever seen. We climbed in two cars and off we went. Mike and Louis dropped in Big Ekombe and I continued on to Bole. When I arrived the church was waiting for me and we had the worship service in the morning instead of the afternoon. There is a picture of the church below and there were over 100 people in attendance. They welcomed me and had a “Welcome Speech” prepared. We sang and I preached. Once we were done we immediately began studying prospects. They were truly ready as I was busy for the balance of my time. I then walked back to the road and picked a machine to Big Ekombe. At least that is what I thought but it kept moving (I do know this part of the world) so I figured he was going to Kumba. I asked him if he could take me to the hotel and he said OK. I had him divert to a grocery store to buy him a few things and then put some petrol in his tank. When we got to the hotel and I paid him he was so thankful. We had supper at 6:45 and all of the Americans had spaghetti and all enjoyed it. We will see how many reorder tomorrow night. Jean Claude will not be with us tomorrow because he has to go and officiate a funeral of one of his members that died last week. He was a young man named George and I knew him well. He was such a good brother and this is truly a sad time. We have another brother in the Kumba area who will work with Jan tomorrow in lieu of Jean Claude. I came back to the room and Stephanie came down and we Skyped with Linda/Mom. She is doing well and it is good to have this medium. I have downloaded all of my pictures and hope to be in bed by midnight.

Miscellaneous stuff:

1. There was good news, bad news and good news regarding the car we took this morning. The good news was that we had power windows. The bad news was that they did not work. The other good news was that they were “stuck” in the up position so any rain could not enter.

2. A brother came up to me and asked if I remembered him. I truly didn’t and then discovered why. I met him on the first campaign in 1996. I can’t even remember if I was alive that far back.

3. There was a brother at church who had a machine and I asked if he could carry me. He said no because I needed an expert. On these roads I definitely do not want a novice.

We are all well. We appreciate your prayers so much

In Christ,

Jim Corner

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