Wednesday, June 24, 2015 9:00pm – 3:00pm CST

Dear All:

We have arrived! All is well and I will begin from the beginning. Woke up at 6:15 as we wanted to load at 7:15 and we were successful. Sound sleep once again and most of us know what a blessing that is. I can’t remember what I wrote yesterday because that was more than 5 minutes ago! At any rate; we could not take a bus so hired 4 taxis. One is pictured below left with the boot (trunk) full. One car was complete luggage! You can see the car that Stephanie, Louis and I rode in below. I really like the ‘Panorama’ function on the IPhone. The trip was very smooth, not the road but the trip. We made it to Kumba by 9:30. We unloaded our stuff at the hotel which is named the Tower of David Hotel. It is a new hotel and very nice. We all have A/C and water. Kurt and I have Fridges in our rooms so I have some nice cold stuff. After I finish this I will get a nice cold Candy Bar and a Pamplemousse. No Coke Light in Kumba. I have a flat screen Samsung TV on the wall but have unplugged it so I can use the outlet for my power strip which will power my computer, printer and charge my IPhone and Cameroon phone. I use the IPhone as my camera. Oh, the damp clothes from last night were dry this morning so all is well. We then went down to the grocery store to primarily buy stuff for the orphan’s home. We got them two large bags of rice, biscuits (cookies), a lot of milk and Ovaltine and best of all: CANDY! For some strange reason they were most excited by the candy! Mike and Jan are pictured below in the grocery store. They are doing a great job and I am glad they are a part of the team. We had called ahead to eat lunch instead of supper (or is it dinner) at 12:30. Had chicken, rice and fries which makes the 5th straight day we have had those menu items. Not complaining as I am also blessed with the ability to eat the same thing day after day and still enjoy it. I think, however, that many of us are going to have spaghetti tomorrow night. The preachers came and met us at 3 and had a good time. If the number of prospects they are claiming proves true we will be very busy for the next 4 days which will be great. We were outside and everything was fine and then the rain fell. At first it was light but we still took cover which was a good idea because it finally came down fairly hard. Enjoyed our time visiting with the preachers. We then two taxis to the orphanage. I have written about this in the past. It is run by a dear sister named Diana who takes care of 40 kids ranging in age from 3 months to 19! She has some small help but she does the lion’s share. They sang a bunch of songs for us and were very clingy. They really enjoyed seeing us and we enjoyed them as well. When we got ready to leave our taxi would not start (starter problem, I think) so some of the kids gave us a push and the driver popped the clutch and off we went. It was still raining and Stephanie noted that the windshield wipers were not fully touching the glass which is no problem. Windshield wipers are like toilet seats; unnecessary luxuries. BTW: we have toilet seats so this team is being pampered. When we got back we discussed tomorrow and then dispersed to our rooms. I have been going here and there and am fixin to relax before I call Linda. She told me to call at 5 which is still 2 hours away. Oh, had a good shower and the water pressure is very strong. I am running out of things to say so will close. We are all healthy and appreciate your prayers.

In Christ,

Jim Corner


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