Tuesday, June 23, 2015 9:45pm-3:45pm CST

Dear All:

Today was another good day. Not in the way that we would like as there were no baptisms. We had 8 studies and are aware that our task is to sow the seed. Jean Claude led the devo this morning and made that point. One thing that was very positive is that I had a GREAT Bible study with a backslider and he has rededicated his life. In Lipenja where I was working, if we could reach all of the backsliders we would more than double the congregation’s size. We ended this section with 35 Bible studies, 10 baptisms and 3 restorations.

I will return to the start of the day: Slept like a stone once more. Stephanie said it rained some last night but I was unaware. I told you yesterday that the electricity had not went off so it decided to take a vacation this morning at 9. My schedule did not call for me to leave until noon and it was still off at that time. It did come on this afternoon at some point but I thought that the A/C would not come back on. Well, it did and was the room COLD!!!! I told you a few days ago that Vincent calls my room Alaska but today it was more like Antarctica! Nevertheless, I endured and did not turn it off because you never know when another “holiday” will commence. Michael picked me and we had just gotten out of town when he said to me: ‘the air is short’ which means that my tire is getting low. We went back and put some air in the tire and the guy found a leak which he fixed. I watched him but still cannot explain what he did but the job was done correctly. When I make my report at Buckingham Road I plan to include a few videos of moving on a machine in some serious mud. I mentioned prayer the other day and primarily I repeat the same words over and over: “keep us up”, “keep us up”, “keep us up”, “keep us up”, “keep us up”, “keep us up”! Oh, we also stopped to get petrol and took 3 liters. The right hand picture below shows us ‘filling up’. Had a few ‘exciting’ moments in getting through the mud. Michael did a really good job as there were a few times that we could have went down and gotten VERY muddy. Each day we drive through a Palm Plantation that is owned by the Palmolive company. They derive their name from Palm. The middle picture below is of palm nuts which are used to make cooking oil, soap, shampoo and other things. When we arrived at the hall we immediately began speaking with Alfred who was the brother that had fallen. Of course, you cannot tell on the day they are restored if it is the real thing but the same is true of a baptism. We then went and spoke with a woman who is very confused. While we detest the work of the devil, he certainly knows what he is doing. The amount of religious confusion that he has caused puts good people like this lady in a precarious eternal condition. Only the Lord knows how many good, religious people will never see Heaven because of false teachers and false churches. The village is even more difficult than the city in Cameroon because the education level is so low and many of them simply struggle to think well. They have been taught to accept what the preacher, priest or pastor says and they do so. We planted some seed and I pray that the brethren will follow up and help teach this dear woman. We then went to have our afternoon worship and there were 18 present. At the end they told me they wanted to sing a song to me and they sang: God Will Take Care of You. The ride back was uneventful. The reality is that I truly like to ride machines in Douala as there is a higher level of excitement. Here there is a higher level of danger but not serious danger. Got back to the hotel and begin packing. Did some other miscellaneous stuff and went to supper at 7:30. We have basically eaten the same things each night but tonight they through in some very nice fruit. Dinner time is great because of the fellowship. Stephanie came to my room as have Vincent, Louis and Jean Claude. The laundry was returned and you see a picture of it on my bed tonight. This is the rainy season so the clothes are damp and we are leaving them out with the hope that some dryness will occur betweeen now and the morning. The reality of that is very slim. I walk Stephanie back to her room each night and if you did not use a flashlight you would spend a lot of time with your face in the pavement or worse! I am fixin to Skype with Linda. Still have a number of things to do. We are taking 4 taxis to Kumba tomorrow as the roads are too bad for a van to pass. We are loading at 7:15 and should be to Kumba by 10. We are all healthy and thank you for your continued prayers.

In Christ,

Jim Corner

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