Monday, June 22, 2015 10:25pm-4:25pm CST

Dear All:

Another great day in Cameroon which I realize is a completely redundant statement. Note to Teresa: redundant means to reiterate. Oh, reiterate means to repeat. If that is not sufficient you can ask Ricardo and he can help you. The Lord led us to teach 7 souls and 6 were added to the Kingdom! Our continued prayer is that they grow in their faith. We are aware that some will fall and we ask you to pray for both the new converts and the congregations that will disciple these new kids.

Here is how the day unfolded: I slept like a stone again and when I woke up discovered that my prayer had been answered in the affirmative and there had been no rain last night. We had devo at 8 and Vincent led us. He is such a GREAT brother and I love his wisdom and knowledge of the Scriptures. Some then had breakfast while I got ready to leave at 9. Michael, the brother who was to pick me was on time and we left. Went down to get some petrol. They don’t have gas stations in the way that we do. This is a table on the side of the rode with 1 liter bottles (some others as well) filled with Petrol. They put a funnel in the petrol tank and pour the stuff in. The road was better today but I continued my prayer life. There was only one place that I had to get off and walk. Michael tried to make it with me on the machine but the climb was too steep. We arrived around 10 and I had a study very soon. The man is 24 years and his name is Tony. He is pictured below. The study was quite long but he was very attentive and gave his life in baptism. You can see the baptistery below. I then had a series of one-on-one studies with 3 backsliders. I think that one of them may come back but I did not count her as a restoration. The other two are steeped in Pentecostalism and they are having a hard time shaking the tongue speaking and miracle working that they have seen. Of course, the tongues are gibberish and not a true language as tongues were in the NT. They were surprised to know that Muslims, Hindus and many other religions also practice the same type of tongues that Pentecostals do. I asked them if they had seen any healing on TV and they said yes. I then asked if they had ever seen anyone healed such as a blind person or a cripple that they personally knew and the answer was no. Of course, the miracle workers of today are frauds but many accept. I then went back to the church hall for our 3pm service and was very disappointed. By 4 only the preacher and 3 others were there. They suggested that I go back to Ekondo and pray that tomorrow will be better. I hopped Michael’s machine and got back with no problems. We were stopped in town by the police and the man asked to see my Passport and inquired as to why I was there. When I told him he asked if I knew Paul Kee which I do. Paul has lived in Cameroon for most of his life and the man knew him when he was stationed where Paul is. When I got back I went ahead and took a nice cold shower. There is no hot water here but that is fine. Got a Coke Zero from the restaurant and nursed it for about an hour. We had supper at 7:30 and had a ton of food. We did not order all of it and certainly could not eat it all. It was very good, however. I have been going round and round to different team members and believe I am now in for the night.

Miscellaneous Items:

1. Louis has a new modem which I am using which is the fastest I have ever had over here. It is still not FIOS but is very good. Stephanie comes periodically to use it as does Louis. I have enough other stuff to do that I can work that all in.

2. I almost feel guilty because my room is by far the best. Wait, let me rephrase that: I kinda feel guilty because my room is by far the best. On third thought; I am thrilled that my hotel room is the best! Confession is good for the soul! My A/C works perfectly as the room is always cold. The A/C is above my bed but I sleep over to one side as I don’t want to get too cold. When Vincent comes in the room he says that he is in Alaska! I am in great luxury as I have a functional toilet seat. I don’t know why the hotel would go to the added cost to put in such a non-essential piece of hardware. The lighting in my room is as good as anywhere in Cameroon. My desk is right under a nice light so I am seeing well. Somewhat surprised that the electricity has not went out.

3. I am so glad that Stephanie is with me. She is such a good daughter and I love her sooooooooooooo much! She came in this morning and told me how she was enjoying every part of the trip including those parts that might not be considered good. I didn’t say she was a smart daughter, only a good daughter!

4. The rain boots I have are a true blessing. I wear them on the machine and then change into my shoes at the hall. Even walking around town I wear the boots. For example, when we went down to baptize Tony I would have ruined my shoes if I was wearing them. They give no support and I have been having foot problems lately so they are not comfortable but that is OK.

We all continue to enjoy good health and thank you for your prayers.

In Christ,
Jim Corner

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