Sunday, June 21, 2015 10:55pm-4:55pm CST

Dear All:

Every trip on the first day I write the following: Had a good first day. I say that because we always have a good first day! The Lord led us to teach the gospel to 18 precious souls and 4 of them gave their lives to the Lord in baptism. In addition two who had strayed from the faith were restored. We are very grateful for the work that the Lord accomplished today. Let me go back to the beginning and recount the day:

Around 3 or 4 I woke up and heard some serious rain but I forgot that we were in Mudville Land so I went back to sleep. When I woke up at 6:30 and heard the continuing rain it struck me that we were in Mudville Land. I could only pray that the rain would stop and it did around noon! My driver was supposed to pick me at 7:45 and he arrived right on schedule at 8:50. He did, however, have an excellent excuse because the rain truly caused serious problems. The two of us climbed a machine and rode about a mile to the car park to find two machines to Lipenja. Took about 10 minutes and off we went. Oh, Jean Claude had purchased some rain boots for me and am I glad. He also suggested I wear something other than my “Sunday Clothes” and pack them in my back pack which I did. The last time I prayed as much as I did on that machine was the last time I was on a machine in slippery mud while the rain was falling. I think it was pretty much a non-stop prayer. I cannot describe the road. There were a few small rivers we had to cross which was no problem. We finally came to a “major river” and I had to climb down while the driver plunged into the bush. I followed on foot and that was an adventure as my only concern was staying vertical. When we arrived I walked with the preacher to his house and changed into my “Sunday Clothes” but kept the rain boots on until we arrived at the hall. If I had not had those boots my shoes would have been a MESS! We arrived at 9:45 for the Bible class that starts at 9 and we promptly begin at 10:10. The church here is struggling to grow so I canceled the lesson I had planned to use and spoke of different ways to grow. The overall emphasis was on Christian Character and Evangelism. There are many village churches in Cameroon that are truly stuggling to maintain, much less grow. After the Bible class we had about 15 minutes of questions and answers followed by one song and I was back up to preach. I preached from Ephesians 2:1-10 and pray it was of some benefit. We then had giving followed by the Lord’s Supper. Numerous songs were sprinkled throughout the service. This is a small group, in fact, the entire assembly can be seen below. After worship I taught a young girl named Diale. She was very attentive and truly surprised me when she declined to give her life to the Lord. As with all who say no, I tell them that I do not want to force the issue and that they must be prepared to surrender their life to the Lord. The backslider I taught is named Daniel and my talking with him was very enjoyable. He is 27 and I asked him to guess my age. At first he balked but I ask him to take a guess and he said 80! I told him that he now needed to repent again! Not really. Now, that answer would not surprise me if he had been talking to Teresa Blaisdell. The truth is that she is pleased anytime someone pegs her below 90 which is just about right. After that study I went to visit a brother that has been disfellowshipped. I have known him for over 10 years and pray that our discussion will bear fruit. We then went back to the church hall for the afternoon service. We had 21 this morning and 17 this afternoon. I heard them speak in their native dialect which is Ayala Haries and it has nothing in common with English. Cameroon has more dialects than any African country which is rather impressive since it is not remotely the largest in area or population. After the worship I hopped a machine back and the road was better (I didn’t say good) than this morning as the rain had stopped. I am praying for no rain tonight. When I got back I did a couple of things and then Kurt came down and we had a GREAT visit. It is such a pleasure to serve under shepherds like Kurt. We had supper at 7:40 consisting of a bunch or chicken, rice and fries. The food was delicious and the fellowship even better. I came back to the room and visited with Vincent, Jean Claude and Louis. Stephanie then came down and we Skyped mom and then Skyped Dean and KB. Will (Our 12 year old grandson and Stephanie’s first born) left for Colorado on Saturday and was given $40 for the entire trip that will end next Saturday. He has already spent $38. Don’t know what on except that he bought 3 Double Cheeseburgers and evidently ate them all. Received my Father’s Day card from Linda as well as one from Stephanie and another from her kids. Oh, below is a picture of us before we left the hotel. Do you like the colors? The correct answer is YES! The hotel continues to be very nice. I will get to bed by 11:45 or 12. Please continue to pray for us. We are all doing well.

In Christ,

Jim Corner



One Response to HOWDY

  1. dianet5913 says:

    To our Church Family in Cameroon – Greetings! Our God is so good and thankful for your love and gaining strength in Him everyday. May you all your seeds of God’s love be fruitful.
    Your Sister in Him! (from Laurel CoC – Maryland)

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