Wednesday, June 17, 2015 8:45pm-1:45pm CST

Dear All:

It is such a joy to be able to “pen” these few words. I have been up for roughly 31 hours and had about 2 hours of sleep on the plane from Atlanta to Paris. Let me try and remember the events of the past day and a half. My wonderful, marvelous, fantastic and overall good guy of a son-in-law (well, I may be exaggerating about the wonderful, marvelous, fantastic and overall good guy stuff but outside of that, he is tolerable. At any rate, he came and dumped Cy and KB on grandma and took Kurt, Stephanie and me to the airport . Jean (Kurt;s wonderful, marvelous, fantastic and over all good girl (all of that is true) brought him to our house so we would not have to wake up any earlier than we did. Made it to DFW with no problems and got checked in and at the gate with 10 minutes to spare. Flight to Atlanta went off without a hitch and the same was true for the flight to Paris. Stephanie is a good girl with good tastes (Dean would be the exception) and she told me and this is a verbatim quote: “airplane food is the best food in the history of the culinary profession.” I know she was smart but her usage of a 4 syllable word threw me. The airplane was fixed with your own personal entertainment center and all went well. They actually had a warm breakfast and my darling daughter gave me her eggs. The fact that she doesn’t like eggs didn’t alter the blessing. Oh, I do have a bone to pick with her regarding supper because she didn’t share anything with me. Notice the cute little pack of Tic Tacs they gave us. We landed in Paris ahead of schedule and got our luggage with no problems. Made it to the hotel but we could not check in so we put our bags in a locked storage place and headed for downtown Paris. We went to Notre Dame first and then to the Eiffel Tower. It is a huge thing and Stephanie and I got separated from Kurt and did not see him until we got down. The day was clear so you could see some nice scenery. The picture on the right was taken from the top of the Eiffel Tower. We then went and ate lunch and it took literally 2 hours. We all liked what we ate and then headed back to the hotel. Made it around 5:15. Oh, you can she my sweet little girl zonked out on the train going back to the airport. Stephanie and I are sharing a room and it is little. There is virtually no storage or closet space so our bags are all over. Got to take a good cold shower; yes, it is wam so a cold shower feels good. I ate supper with Mike and Jan and had a great time. We hope to have breakfast at 7 in the morning and leave for the airport at 8. I could say more but am really tired. Will write more before I send this.

Thursday, June 18, 2015 Midnight-6:00pm CST

Made it safely to Douala. Let me try and recount some of the stuff that has happened. I mentioned above that Stephanie and I shared a room. Wow; she snores like a freight train! Needed some serious cotton for my ears. Got up at 6 and had a good breakfast. The van to the airport could not hold all of us plus some other travelers so we went in two shifts but made it with no problems. Oh, Stephanie goes to the restroom more than anyone I have ever seen. I started counting the times but the calculator on my IPhone would not go that high. Tomorrow we may take her to the hospital and have her Catheterized. Also, on a plane when she is watching a comedy she laughs so loud. At one point the Captain came on the intercom and said: “will the girl in 39A keep it down!” I still love that girl. The flight to Douala was fine and I did not eat lunch because I was still full from breakfast. About 2 hours before we landed they passed out Ice cream and though I didn’t want any; I forced myself because I didn’t want the flight attendant to take it personally. We landed about 30 minutes late and they are remodeling the airport. Looks very nice but it took longer than usual to get through Customs. No problems, however and all of our bags arrived. One of mine had a huge tear in it and I am not sure that it is fixable. We were met by Jean Claude and Louis and back at the hotel by Mary (Jean Claude’s wife), Linda (Louis’ better 9/10s); I know that usually you say the better half but in their case Linda is the better 9/10s! Julein, Cyprian and Martin. We had a great time of fellowship and look forward to our time in Cameroon. I started unpacking and decided to have supper. I know that many of you wait with great anticipation to hear of my delicious combinations. Tonight was not that exotic but still very nice. Take one can of Beenee Weenees, mix in a slab of Spam and then crush any kind of crackers you have. I had a Chocolate bar that I thought of adding but decided not to. If you take this recipe and add the chocolate please let me know how it tastes. Kurt said that Jean fixes these kind of concoctions all of the time and that I am her “food idol”! Stephanie came down and visited for a while and then Kurt. I have Skyped with Linda for a short time but the conne3ction was bad and I lost her. Called her back and it was good to hear her sweet voice. She is absolutely the GREATEST wife in the entire solar system!!!! I will try to send this now and if it doesn’t go will try again tomorrow. I still need to take a shower so hopefully will be in bed by 12:45. I do have to finish up some Cashews and a marvelous Coke Light.

Friday, June 19, 2015 6:40pm-12:40pm CST

Well, you can see it didn’t send last night. I now have a modem from Louis and it should be fine. While I am thinking about it the possibility exists that I will not be able to send while in Ekondo-Titi. We will find out tomorrow. Slept like a rock last night. Didn’t wake up until the alarm sounded at 8. Jean Ckaude and Louis said they would be here at 10 but I am thankful they came later because if they would have arrived on time. Linda would now b a widow! We all went down to a grocery store to buy some stuff for the journey. Things like Coke Light will not exist in Ekondo-Titi. We then went to a nice restaurant and Stephanie and I ordered a hamburger and chicken so she could try them both and she liked both. We also ordered a pizza that we all shared. Stephanie had wanted to ride a machine so she, Louis and I grabbed 3 machines back to the hotel. Jean Claude and Louis were not in favor but she loved it. It is interesting to watch her marvel at the traffic and the way people drive. Also the adventure it is to get from one side of the road to the other. This afternoon I did a number of miscellaneous things and then at 5 we went to a place to get ice cream. I made the mistake of mentioning it because I didn’t want to go but being the nice guy I am; we went and I forced myself to eat 2 scoops. We then walked downstairs (ice cream place is up) and I got some juice and bread for tomorrow. Louis is having some eggs boiled for our journey in the morning. We plan to leave at 7:30 as the trip should take about 7 hours. We are praying that the rain will stay away because if it rains hard, it will be difficult to get to Ekondo-Titi. Not impossible but difficult. Stephanie is coming down at 9 for us to Skype with mom and then back down at 11 to Skype with Will. Have some more stuff to do so will sing off. Thanks so much for your prayers.




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