Wednesday, February 25, 2015 5:00pm-10:00am CST

Dear All:

I will see my lovely bride in less than 126,000 seconds! Well, Louise may have to change her saying. As it turned out; she had to try, try again. Her connecting flight in Paris did not allow her enough time to make the flight. The Paris airport is the worst one I have ever seen. They got her on another flight to Atlanta and then to Houston but there was not enough time to get to Lubbock so she was able to enjoy another hotel! I use the word ‘enjoy’ lightly. I spoke with her a couple of hours ago so she should have landed by now. Slept well last night and got up at 8. Would be happy to sleep longer since I am now embarking on a 6 ½ flight to Paris followed by a 4 hour layover followed by a 9 hour flight to Atlanta followed by a 2 hour layover and then a 2 hour flight to Dallas. I wish I had not written that because I am now tired!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Louis and Linda came over and we discussed Noble Age 6, not to be confused with Noble Age 5. We also discussed some other matters and then Jean Claude came and we went to lunch. I won’t tell you that we waited and waited and waited as you know the routine. I took a machine back and did some work on my trip report and PPT. I took some photos but don’t have them downloaded. I will leave for the airport in 30 minutes and will send the final howdy on Friday, Lord willing. I am praying that my travel is smoother than my dear sister.

In Christ,
Jim Corner

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