Tuesday, February 24, 2015 9:30pm-2:30pm CST

Dear All:

I will see my lovely wife in about 193,000 seconds and I can hardly wait. It is worse than a kid waiting for Christmas morning to arrive. Following in the footsteps of my dear sister Louise I have come up with a new saying: All good things must come to an end. Isn’t it interesting to know how creative and inventive we are! This has been a marvelous journey but is quickly winding down. Don’t know why but I am tired for some reason. I rarely get tired and it is early and I slept well last night so I don’t know the cause. If I was the age of Teresa Blaisdell I would know why I am tired! Here is what has taken place in the past 24 hours. Last night around 11:30 it was raining very hard and the maid had not completely shut the window so my floor had water. I cleaned it up with some paper towels and then about 45 minutes later another part was wet. Got it cleaned up and this morning when I got up the floor was dry. I have never seen the amount of rain in February as on this trip. Most times it was at night which proved to be very convenient. Was hoping to sleep till 9 this morning but woke up at 8 with my mind churning. I knew there was a lot of stuff to get done today so I got up. Did some stuff on the computer until Louis and Linda came at 10. We discussed Noble Age 5 which I have written about in the past. This is our newest curriculum and the first aimed at teens. When I get back I will sit down with our Youth Minister who will help with the planning and writing from our side of the ocean. I will be the editor for the Western Hemisphere and Louis for the Eastern. He will have final say since he knows the African mind better than I do. We also discussed the Women’s Village Seminars and the October campaign. If you would have an interest in making that journey, please let me know. Then Jean Claude came and we headed for lunch. Patience is a virtue and we learn it plenty at the restaurant we go to. Then Jean Claude and I ran a couple of errands and came back to the hotel to speak with him. He shared his vision for the church in Cameroon as well as his congregation and it was very uplifting. As I have stated on numerous occasions; I believe the future is bright. I have been packing getting other things in order. Thought I would relax tonight but unless I get a second wind, I may go to bed early. It has been good to have a sound internet connection for the majority of the trip. Not as good as Fios but nevertheless, it was fine. I am going to end here and will write again tomorrow. Oh, regarding the picture below: if you don’t know me I am actually better looking than I appear in this photo. You see, the most handsome man in the history of the world would not look all that hot standing next to the babe in this picture! Thanks for your continued prayers and remember to keep Chris Lowe in your prayers as he journeys in Tanzania.

In Christ,
Jim Corner

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