Monday, February 23, 2015 9:30pm-2:30pm CST

Dear All:

My dear sister Louise says she has coined a new phrase: if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. I told her that I thought someone else had come up with that but she is convinced she is the Lone Ranger or something like that. I will pick up where I last left off. We headed to the airport at midnight and got there with no problems. For some reason, the traffic was light. Go figger! We went inside and went to one of the check-in places and asked if the plane was on schedule for 2:50 and they said we don’t know which was not encouraging, I got on the phone with Air France to cancel but they still showed a 2:50am departure and if I cancel and the flight arrives, Louise is in trouble. I decided to wait a bit and saw a guy who spoke English who was having the same problems as us. He was told to go to the Air France office but headed in the wrong direction. I knew where the office was and it was closed but thought that perhaps he knew something I didn’t (which would be a rarity for anyone) and he did not. A security guard headed him back to where we had come from so I kept following him because he went into the bowels of the airport and there was actually another Air France office with live human beings there. They told us the flight was cancelled but assured us that Louise would automatically be booked for today. With some of the stuff we had been told the concept of trust was not strong. At any rate, we got back in the hotel bus and came back and fortunately they still had her room. I got to bed a little after 2 and then got up at 8 this morning. I am thankful that I am such a young man or this would have caused me serious trouble. This morning Jean Claude came over first because Louis had to wait while Linda and Gabby went to the hospital. Over here there are no doctor offices so when you are sick you go to the hospital. Don’t know what the diagnosis was but we are praying they will be well very soon. Jean Claude ran an errand for me and when Louis got here we walked down to the post office to buy some stamps and then he headed somewhere. Chris was scheduled to fly out at 2:15 or so. That poor boy is flying to Addis Ababa and then on to Dar Es Salaam where he will arrive at 1:25am. I have friend who is a missionary in Tanzania and he has set up a place for Chris to stay for 6 hours or so. He will then fly to Arusha. He will be there for 5 days or so and get back to the States next Tuesday. He is such a great brother and I know his wife Angela is great as well. Just by talking to Chris and looking at his family you can tell this is a good mother and father. Below is a picture I took of Chris, Louise and Louis just before he left. After we dumped Chris at the airport we went to lunch. Waited and waited for our food but the wait was worthwhile. Not only was the food good but we had a nice long visit. Then Jean Claude went somewhere while Louise, Louis and I hopped machines back to the hotel. We visited briefly and then he left. I got on the phone with my travel agent as it looked like Louise would either have to overnight in Houston or fly to Bush (Northern Houston airport) and then get a taxi to Hobby (Southern Houston airport) to get back to Lubbock by 10pm tomorrow night. Well, one seat came open from Bush to Lubbock but it was going to cost over $500 so I gave her $300 to soften the blow. I then finished reading the evaluation forms from Kumba and wrote down a bunch of them. Below is a sample:



1. I loved the way Brother Chris Lowe came and gave us the message as he did.

2. The way Chris teaches makes me to want to be like him. His teaching has pricked my mind to change my behavior to be more like our Lord Jesus Christ.

3. Sister Louise has made us see her love for children and we can also learn from her.

4. The seminar has been very useful to the growth of the church because they are educative and encouraging. The presentation of the materials is well arranged and gives us understandable ways of teaching.

5. I enjoyed Sister Louise’s teaching and I hope to be like her.

6. The seminars are helpful because we go back and do the things we have learned.

7. Thanks to our sister who has traveled all the way from America to teach us to be strong and to bring up our children in the Lord. May the Lord grant her and the brothers safe journey back to America.

8. The seminar has promoted spiritual maturity and has helped us to better manage conflicts.

9. The seminar has changed our behavior; in the past we have quarreled and fought but now we are more involved in doing the will of God. I love the seminar and appreciate those brethren who support it.

10. The seminar helps us to be a good example to the church.

11. The seminar has helped our local leaders with the skills of leading a congregation well.

12. The efforts that the Americans are making will bless the church one thousand fold.

13. We have learned to be united in love so that unbelievers will copy our ways.

14. The seminars have helped the leaders learn to be humble and show love for the church.

15. Your lessons teach us very well to ask questions and better understand the Word of God.

16. We have learned how to teach our children at home.

17. We thank you for what the churches in America have been doing to strengthen the church in Cameroon.

18. The seminar helps us help our congregations to be more like Jesus.

19. I like the way that Brother Chris teaches and for his example.

20. The speakers are good and I pray for their one thousand years. Note: that means ‘long life’,

21. In the past there have been much fighting in matters of opinion but we are learning to better love one another.

22. I will thank you for edifying my soul.

23. This seminar shows that you people love us and care about the church in Cameroon.

24. The learning always makes we to grow spiritually and to educate others to grow.

25. The understanding of some leaders is growing seriously.

26. I want to give a special thanks to the wife of Brother Chris for allowing him to come and share his wisdom.

27. The seminar is helping us to one day become like the church of Thessalonica which was full of love.

28. The seminar promotes spiritual maturity and better management of conflicts.

I still had a bunch of stuff to do so I worked while Louise read in her room. Jean Claude came at 7 as we were going to take the hotel bus at 7:30. Wow, were there a bunch of people headed out. Jean Claude found out that there will be a second plane that will leave at 2:40am but gladly Louise is only 2 ½ hours from taking off as I write. We were able to squeeze on the bus and get out there with no difficulty. I could not go past security to the counter but waited in the wings to help her with a couple of other things. You have to pay an airport tax and then go through Customs. It was at customs that I had to say goodbye. Louise is such a good girl and a GREAT worker in the Kingdom. She does a TON of work in Cameroon but even more in Lubbock. Jean Claude and I rode the hotel bus back and he picked up some things and left. I will wait a couple of more hours to Skype with Linda so I can see Charlie Brown as well. Tomorrow I have a meeting with Louis to go over a number of things and then with Jean Claude in the afternoon. I am glad that I am spending the extra time. I have had my shower and am fixin to ‘kick back’ and watch something on my computer. Please pray that Louise has a safe trip and that she makes the connection in Paris as there is only 90 minutes. In most airports that would be plenty of time but Paris is one messed up airport. Thanks for your continued prayers.

In Christ,
Jim Corner


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  1. Chris Lowe says:

    Dear Jim, I made it to Dar Es Salaam about 30 min late. Slid thru customs easy enough and the driver was waiting on me. I checked in and he took me to my room. Nice enough facilities (somewhere between Residence and the Kumba hotel). Slept almost 5 hours then found the breakfast. Check out was a little tricky as no one spoke very good english and I only had dollars. The driver didn’t show at 8 as he said, so at 8:45 they called me a taxi. I’m checked in and waiting to board for arusha.My suggestion would be for them to have some instructions printed in English telling you how to navigate all that. Fir example, I didn’t pay the first driver anything and paid the second one about $16 (that’s what he said and I had no idea.). The room/meal was only about $28. I had to pay about $22 for bag weight above 23Kg. In Douala they tried to tell me my total for two bags was 30Kg. The website said 23Kg per bag. The supervisor wouldn’t back down so I just took stuff out of my bags until it was close enough. I then paid 1000 for a 50 cent rainbow rabbit gift bag to carry my stuff.Have to board now. Thanks for everything brother. Love you.Chris LoweRisk Consulting and Quality AssuranceIBM Global Technology Services North AmericasVoice/Fax 501-370-2309L/T 4 Christ — [New post] Howdy — From:"Cameroon 4 Christ" <>To:"Chris Lowe" <>Date:Mon, Feb 23, 2015 11:34 PMSubject:[New post] Howdy a:hover { color: red; } a { text-decoration: none; color: #0088cc; } a.primaryactionlink:link, a.primaryactionlink:visited { background-color: #2585B2; color: #fff; } a.primaryactionlink:hover, a.primaryactionlink:active { background-color: #11729E !important; color: #fff !important; }

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    cameroon4christ posted: “Monday, February 23, 2015 9:30pm-2:30pm CST Dear All: My dear sister Louise says she has coined a new phrase: if at first you don’t succeed, try, try again. I told her that I thought someone else had come up with that but she is convinced she is the Lon”

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