Sunday, February 22, 2015 11:50pm-4:50pm CST

Dear All:

The Lord truly blessed us today. I will go point by point from the beginning. Got up at 7:15 as we were not leaving until 9. Typically Bible class begins at 9 in virtually every congregation but on the day of the Combined Service they move it back to 10 as many brethren are traveling farther distances than usual. Cyprian picked us at 9 and the drive was fine. On Sunday the traffic is light so we had no problems until we got off of the main road. I will say more about that later. We actually started singing at about 9:50. This service is always so encouraging for multiple reasons: 1) I get to see brethren that I only see once a year. 2) The singing is absolutely fantastic. Only those who have experienced it can grasp it. 3) The faith that is seen in these brethren is so encouraging. The attendance was 205 with a contribution of 135,550. Wish that was dollars but alas it comes out to $265.78. I don’t try too hard to describe the singing because it is impossible to do. A brother named Franklin led in French and Lawrence in English. They sang some songs from the book and many choruses. They also sang Higher Ground and had a Powerpoint Slide (yes, the songs are on the screen) with a picture of Terry Harlow and the following words: In loving memory of Terry Harlow who passed to glory on December 12, 2014 we sing ‘Higher Ground’. May his soul rest in peace. I am not sure if I will ever be able to sing that song again with a dry eye. I have a part of the video which I will play, Lord willing, when I make my report to Buckingham Road on March 22. Chris taught the adult Bible class and did a summary of what he taught at the seminar. He did a GREAT job! After the Bible class you say howdy to a few people, sing a song and the preacher is back up which meant me. I had taught from the Fruit of the Spirit in Galatians 5:22,23 and isolated my sermon on patience. This is a characteristic that all churches need if they hope to sustain growth. After the worship we ate and had an enjoyable time. A medical doctor that I have known for plenty years took us back to the hotel in his car. I have been reading evaluation sheets and hope to have something on ‘paper’ for you to read no later than Tuesday. Louise came down and we discussed the village work regarding the sisters who go out to conduct weekend seminars. I will also cover that with Louis and Linda on Tuesday. Louise got packed and Jean Claude, Mary, Louis, Linda and Chris came down to my room and we visited until it was time to go to the airport. I went inside with her to make sure that everything went OK and I am REALLY glad that I did because her flight was cancelled. At least that is what they told us. We received a hotel voucher and went outside and climbed in the hotel bus with a bunch of other people. We got back to the hotel and Chris said that the website stated that the flight would take off at 2:50am or 3 hours from right now. I called Air France direct and that was confirmed. Chris had to get to bed as he has a long two days of travel to Tanzania so Louise and I went downstairs and ate supper. We had Lasagna, at least that is what they called it. It was really good, however. We came back up and went on-line again to confirm the time so we will leave in 10 minutes for the airport. The hotel was gracious enough to keep their driver handy for us. I will stay with her until I know she is gone. Tomorrow I will write and let you know how everything came out.


1. Yesterday I shared with you a Valentine that Lori-Angela had given me. Today Renea (her younger sister) came up to me and said she had something to give me. It was a very nice note and I will share it with you. At the top it said: I love Grandpa Jim Corner and then she had the following text: This is a speech to Grandpa Jim Corner because he loves me. He is kind to everyone and that is why I love him. He gives me candys, biscuits, chocolate and so on. I think she is like all of my grandkids in that her love for me is based, to some extent and what I give her but that is OK. That is the job of a grandparent. There are three parts of being a grandparent:

a. Let them do anything they desire.

b. Fill them full of chocolate

c. Return them to their parents!

Renea is only 7 or 8 but it was a quite lovely card. Oh, I also discovered another grandchild by the name of Judian. She is a little girl that is a friend of Renea’s. At any rate, she wrote me a nice note as well.

2. To get to the church hall you exit the main road and drive about a mile back on a very difficult road. It is much better to travel this road by machine that taxi.

3. The first picture below is of Louise teaching one of the kid classes. You will notice her mouth open which provided a good landing spot for a fly!

4. We finally got a picture of the 3 of us. I am not really that short but since Chris is 6’4″ it makes me look like my dear wife. Well, not quite THAT short.

If you receive this soon please pray that Louise gets off and makes her connection. She will only have 65 minutes in Paris to get to her gate and the airport can be quite difficult to navigate at times. We are well and thank you for your continued prayers.

In Christ,

Jim Corner

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