Saturday, February 21, 2015 9:15pm-2:15pm CST

Dear All:

We have come back to Paradise! Kumba is fine but nothing like Douala. I am typing under a cold A/C and regardless of whether the power in town goes off or not, I will stay in the light. You see, last night at about 11 the power went off. We found this morning that the generator was getting too hot last night so they had to shut it down. There was no light throughout the night and we got to pack this morning with a flashlight. I use a Mag-Lite because I can put it in my mouth and still have both hands free. At any rate; I have had a nice warm shower and am excited about tomorrow. Well, let’s reverse to the start of the day:

I got up at 6:15 with an intended departure of 7:30 and we left at 7:25! Our driver’s name was Levi. The word does not mean ‘man of God’ but that is what many people call him. He did an excellent job and we had no problems. On the way we stopped and got bananas and pineapple and at another place we got some bread. No rain but the sky was overcast all day. We arrived at the hotel around 10:30 and got into our rooms immediately. When we check in they bring us each a fruit drink; don’t know what all is in it but it really tastes good. We went to the Wood Market first and Jean Claude bargained for Chris and I bargained for Louise. She got 4 necklaces, a bracelet, 4 key chains, a set of coasters, two beautiful bowls and another bowl for less than $45! I just got a couple of small things. Mary, Jean Claude’s wife called him and told him to buy us something and it was really nice. I am glad he is an obedient husband. While we know that the husband is the head of the family; we also know that we had better keep mom happy! We then came back to the hotel, dumped our stuff and went to lunch. We are thankful that none of us were starving to death when we arrived or else there would be a funeral soon. To say the service is slow is to do a big disservice to the word ‘slow’. We had a great time at lunch and then headed back to the hotel. I have been unpacking and walking Louise through all of the steps of getting home as she will fly out alone tomorrow night. On Monday Chris will fly to Tanzania and I will leave on Wednesday. I always have a bunch of stuff to do but those with me just sit around. Chris and Louise are not a good example for me when it comes to eating so I ate by myself tonight. Enjoyed a healthy meal of Honey Roasted Cashews, a Mars bar and a Coke Zero. Can’t get much healthier than that! Let me explain the pictures below: the first is a Valentine that Louis and Linda’s oldest child, Lori-Angela gave to me when we left Douala. She is 10. It is ‘home-made’ which makes it even more special. The outside, which you cannot see says: Happy, Happy Valentine Wishes. The left side below says ‘May God bless you! and the right side says: ‘Grandpa, I wish you the best! I love you. Technically I have 10 grandchildren but I don’t know how many more. While on this journey I received a letter from a woman in a congregation that I worked with this past October and she just had a child and named it Jim Corner plus there is another Jim Corner in Douala and all of the kids that Linda has babysat. I hope they don’t expect to get any of my estate! Chris came down tonight and we had a good visit. As I have said before; I really enjoy being around him and soaking up his wisdom. The second picture shows Martin loading up his machine and then the last one shows him ready to pull out. Listen, I have seen him carry even more. Allied Van Lines has nothing on this young man! Tomorrow is the combined service of the 4 Douala congregations. Louise is going to teach one of the children’s classes, Chris will teach the adult class and I will preach. It is always a highlight of the trip. Louise’s flight does not leave until 11:55 pm so she will have plenty of time. I will write more tomorrow. We are all heathy and thankful for your prayers.

In Christ,

Jim Corner

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