Thursday, February 19, 2015 11:40pm-4:40pm CST

Dear All:

Well, it is almost over. It seems like only yesterday that we began our journey and soon I will see my lovely wife! Yea! I was aware that last year’s attendance was really high but was unaware of just how high. To give some comparisons: today the men’s class was 122 which is very good but last year it was 163! The ladies class was 104 in a room built for30 but last year the number was 119. My class in the afternoon had 163 but 215 last year! Louise says that her class went well and the ladies that were presenting lessons did an excellent job. Chris is stretching the brother’s brains as they look at how to deal with one another on matters of opinion. The overall thrust of the class is love and that must rule if we are going to get along. Our Cameroonian brethren can be very dogmatic but we are seeing a gradual change for the better. I continue to receive positive reinforcement in my class.

Day begin as usual with nothing out of the ordinary. The four of us climbed machines for our morning journey and arrived with no problems. This morning it was very cool; almost cold and it felt great. Unfortunately, Africa came back this afternoon. At least I know that my sweat glands are in good shape. We passed out the evaluation forms this morning. I had to take a machine back to the hotel for something. It was a long time ago so I don’t remember! I am sure it was for a good purpose. At break we came back to the hotel and we ate in his room. I can tell that Chris and Louise are envious of my meals. You should have seen what I had today! I had to leave at 1:30 for a meeting with the leaders of the churches we will work with in June. I am excited about that journey because my little girl will be with me. I deeply regret that I did not take them when they were teens but it never occurred to me and they never brought it up. My class went well and we headed back to the hotel. I took a nice shower and then went down to Chris’ room and ate with him. Louise had some other stuff she needed to do. We had a good meal and a better visit. This young man is a really gifted brother. I have been working on correspondence for some time and just finished Skyping with Linda and Charlie Brown They are fixin to go to a concert that our 12 year old grandson is in.

Misc stuff:

1. The board below is of the Kumba Town Church of Christ which is the largest congregation in the country. Notice the high number of children and that percentage holds true in many congregations. Don’t be overwhelmed at their giving as those figures are in francs. For example, the 62,725 is $122.99.

2. The other picture is of my dear brother Vincent and his lovely wife Patricia. They are such strong workers in the Kingdom of God.

3. My driver on the way to the hall this morning is not a Cameroonian. How do I know? He drove relatively slowly, he yielded when there was no good reason to do so, he was cautious and that gets you no where and he was hesitant; in a sentence ‘he was no fun’! I hope I never get him again. There needs to be some excitement on a machine.

4. The current tonight is really crazy. Here is what I mean; the electrical current is rarely stable in Kumba but it is worse tonight. My A/C is working but for all practical purposes it is a fan. Speaking of fans; Jean Claude brought me one and it will run fast and then slow down to a crawl. The hotel has a generator but they are more interested in saving money.

5. The brethren here sing hymns out of American books that have been sent over and native choruses. They are very simple but very moving when you sing them. For example, one simply repeats the following line: Father you are so good to me in every circumstance’s. I realize that on a piece of paper or a computer screen that may not sound that great but if you were here you would be moved.

6. We are cutting the seminar short tomorrow as a brother who was killed in a car accident will be buried and we will attend the funeral. It is our small way of showing our love.

Well, it is getting late and I have to teach tomorrow. Chris will teach the first two hours and I will wrap up with the 3rd. We are all healthy and thankful for each of you.

In Christ,

Jim Corner

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