Wednesday, February 18, 2015 10:45pm-3:45pm CST

Dear All:

We will begin with the attendance for the day. This year is proving to be less well attended than last year although last year was the highest we have ever had. Today the men’s class had 121 which was only 3 less than last year; the women had 108 which was only 6 less than last year but the biggest drop-off continues to be the afternoon class as we had 159 today as opposed to 186 last year.

Here is how the day unfolded:

Got up at 7 and did normal stuff. During the night the A/C cranked up and it was quite cold. I only have a sheet so there is not much protection. Tonight the A/C is back at a lower rate so unless it gets colder I will not need even a sheet. Mary, Jean Claude, Chris, Louise and I all climbed bikes for the 5 minute ride to the hall. Got there plenty early and the brethren started singing at 8:45 with the classes of Chris and Louise starting at 9. Chris’ class is progressing well and the brethren are growing in their knowledge that Christianity is more than rules and regulations. Chris is well grounded in the faith and does a GREAT job of presenting the material. I can tell that he is a really good shepherd in his congregation. Louise discovered that her class has not been going as well as she thought. Mary, Jean Claude’s wife trains teachers as a profession and the problem she saw was that the education level of the sisters in Kumba is quite varied whereas in Douala they are basically on the same level. Mary did say that the classes were still highly beneficial to the church overall. At lunch Louise and I met with the sisters who she trained to go out and train other sisters to teach the children. They are doing a great job and do so for only a pat on the back. We provide transport but the hosting church provides their lodging and food. We then climbed machines back to the hotel for a quick break. I had a bunch of stuff (primarily correspondence) that I needed to get done as well as final preparations for my class. At about 1:50 the power went off and stayed off until we left at 2:30. Don’t know when it came back on but it was on when we got back. Before I got up to teach we had a monstrous rain. This is the dry season but what can I say. The rain was so noisy that we just kept on singing for an extra 15 minutes before it finally let up so I could begin teaching. The class went well. It was still raining lightly at the end of the class so we got a taxi today. We ate in the hotel restaurant and had another good meal. Chris ordered a cheese omelet and the cheese was on a plate next to the omelet. It was Laughing Cow which you can buy in the States. Louise and I both had fish fillets which were very good. Oftentimes the only way you can get fish is with the bones. I then came back to the room and took a nice shower. The water has continued to flow. Have been doing miscellaneous stuff and am not yet finished. I tried to Skype with Linda and Charlie Brown yesterday but I could not raise her on the phone. This morning I had an email for me to call right away but it was shortly after I closed my phone last night. If I would have called her it would have been about 1am so I figgered that would not be wise. I will try in about 30 minutes.

Miscellaneous stuff:

1. As many of you know; the English spoken here is Pidgen. Don’t even know if that is the correct spelling because it is a spoken language only. It is fascinating to hear some of the ways in which it is used. For example

a. The word for tree is stick.

b. The words for spiritual advice are godly own talk.

c. Bible class is learn from God talk

d. Sinning is do bad

e. Jesus said is Jesus talk say

f. Obvious is some thing that is there

It is not hard to understand but difficult to actually speak.

2. Today when I was driving down the road I saw a machine with a large fridge tied on behind. They can carry virtually anything on a machine.

3. If the hall has too many people talking you will either say hello or noise to get them to be quiet.

4. The Kumba Town actually has a generator so they cranked it up when the lights went out.

My dropbox will not allow me to download pictures from today so below is a picture of my little girl. I miss her!

Well, a few more things to do and I will hit the sack. Thanks for your continued prayers.

In Christ,

Jim Corner


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