Tuesday, February 17, 2015 10:55pm – 3:55pm CST

Dear All:

I don’t want to be repetitive or redundant so I will simply reiterate that today was another GREAT day in Cameroon. Ricardo; you will have to explain the humor in that first line to Teresa! Attendance in comparison to last year was somewhat interesting; men were 135 which was 22 higher than last year on this date; women were 85 which was 14 lower than last year and the afternoon class was 156 or 22 lower than last year. I actually don’t try to figger out the numbers since only God knows what ultimate good is being done. Chris and Louise continue to be encouraged by their classes as I am. I had to take machines twice this morning; first of all we did not have enough paper and it is in Jean Claude’s room and then later we realized we needed some more Seminar Booklets and they are also in his room. I am sorry that I am missing some of Chris’ class because he is an excellent teacher. He is fitting in as though he has been teaching here for decades. Louise is such a blessing and the sisters truly love her. She continues to have a great influence on the Kingdom in this country. I had more meetings at noon so did not have the opportunity to come back for lunch. The meetings were with 4 of the village preachers we support and all went well. They are doing a GREAT job and the circumstances of their travel is not always easy. Especially during the rainy season things are really difficult. Jean Claude’s wife came this afternoon and she will be here for two days and then she has to get back to work. Louis is also here as he needed to take pictures of the preachers for some governmental reason. The church has a decree with the government and there have been churches who have been pawing themselves off as the Lord’s church when they do not remotely resemble it. Tonight we at in Chris’ room and I had my usual mixture of foods. Louise has asked me for some of my recipes as she believes her husband would love them. He would have to be a nut not too! I had another nice cold shower and the water flowed well. The maid service did not leave a new towel so I used the one from yesterday. It is such a blessing to be a slob! The picture below is of Ghislain and Louise with one of Ghislain’s 4 children. She is one of the village teachers and is a very impressive young lady. Oh, Vincent came over tonight as we discussed his health and the campaign in June. I am fixin to write a couple of quick emails and then Skype Linda and Charlie Brown. Yesterday when I Skyped Bapp and all of her family were there so it was nice to see 3 of the grandkids.

Miscellaneous items:

1. Stability can be a wonderful thing but not something you expect here. Last night, for example, the power in the town went off but they have a generator and it really made things cold. I only have a sheet so went I woke up this morning my eyeballs had nearly frozen shut! Tonight I will not have to deal with that as the city power (I use the words ‘city power’ advisedly) is back to its normal state so while the temperature is not what you would call hot; it certainly cannot be called cold.

2. I have not went into much detail about the hotel so let me say a few things:

a. None of us have toilet seats but for those of you who have been reading my blogs for some time; you understand that such an item is a luxury that only the wealthy possess. I realize that most of you do not spend your money so foolishly on such items.

b. The ‘thing’ that holds my clothes and other stuff is very nice.

c. My fridge is EXCELLENT. Each night I put a bottle of water in the freezer and it is rock hard the next morning. I take it with me and it will stay cold until 11 or so. My Coke Zeros are having a wonderful time as are I when I enjoy one.

d. My ‘desk’ is by the window and under the A/C so I keep my computer and printer away from them. Some of you will remember that in June of 2013 I had a computer destroyed because it was by the window and it rained severely on my laptop.

e. I have about 4 power outlets which is really something over here.

3. Have I told you what a marvelous preacher’s wife we have where I worship. She is incredibly bright, smart, intelligent and not bad looking! The ‘not bad looking’ is what her dear husband says. Close to: ‘she’ll do in a pinch’ and those are his words.

Nothing has changed on the health front. We are all doing well and looking forward to Wednesday. Thanks for all of your prayers.

In Christ,

Jim Corner


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