Monday, February 16, 2015 9:45pm-2:45pm CST

Dear All:

Had a great first day. Will get to it in a bit. Below are some of the comments from the evaluation sheets in Douala.

1. This seminar has helped me increase my ability to share the Word with children.

2. Sister Louise loves us so much. Her smile and the way she teaches is a blessing. I pray that she will come back.

3. Sister Louise is a gifted teacher and she has blessed my life..

4. I am a teacher but my skills have been improved.

5. The seminars have helped our preachers put a text within the context and better explain the Word. May the Lord bless us with more seminars and may we put into practice what we have learned.

6. The seminar is helpful because it prepares the leaders and future leaders for a brighter future.

7. The seminar is an act that shows the kindness of our brethren from the USA.

8. I love the teaching of Chris; his class made me very happy and I pray that God will give him more wisdom.

9. Chris has helped us develop a greater love for one another.

10. Congregations that have been attending the seminar have seen the skills of their leaders grow.

11. I like the way mummy Louise teaches us. She asks good questions and is a blessing to us.

12. I thank God for the instructors who are helping the future growth of the church.

13. Chris helped me leave the field of legalism and enter the field of love.

These statements are the norm and not the exception. There are very few negative comments and that is a testament to Chris and Louise.

This morning was an exciting time as we began our work in Kumba. Got up at 6:50; good night’s rest and we have only had 3 power outages and they have all been short. One was at supper tonight but it did not last but a few minutes. Louise and I had our flashlights so we had no problem. I am sure you carry your flashlights everywhere you go when it is dark. Same thing here! Because we had all kinds of material (seminar booklets, chalk, badges, paper, pens) we took a taxi from the hotel to the hall. We arrived around 8:30 and began putting the badges (name tags) together. For the past years Terry Harlow had always provided the badges at no cost. He would go to a workshop and get whatever was left over. Last year as he was sick I did not want to trouble him but after he died, Chris (his wife) said that she wanted to pay for the badges as she knew that is what Terry would want. We started handing out stuff as the people drifted in. Monday is always a slow beginning day because people are traveling and some are getting to the hall late. For example, in Louise’ class she had 30 maximum at 9 but ended up with 85 which was 7 more than last year. Chris had no more than 20-30 and ended up with 106 which was 4 more than last year. Both of them felt their classes went well. I was out of Chris’ class quite a bit running errands. We ran out of pens (had more at the hotel) so I hopped a machine and went there. I find it hard to believe but I did not even stop in my room to drink a Coke Zero. Something must be wrong. When sisters would come late and not know where to go for the sister’s class I would walk with them. They meet in the house of a sister in Christ that is only 20 yards from the church hall. At lunch Louise and I climbed one machine and Chris climbed another. I had a bunch of stuff to do over the lunch hour so I did not eat with them. I scarfed down some Beenee Weenees and Vienna Sausage which took about 5 minutes and I got to work. I knew that if I ate with them I would end up visiting and I did not have time. I typed all of the evaluation comments; did some email, did some misc stuff and went over my lesson for the afternoon. My class had 156 which was 19 fewer than the first day last year. It is very hot and I am getting the full use of my handkerchief in wiping my brow. We received some more bad news today; the mother of Glenn Besong died today. He is one of the preachers in the Kumba area and serves as one of our translators. I was only able to see him for a minute today as he had to go and take care of burial plans. I only got one video today but hopefully will get some good pictures tomorrow. The picture below is of Charlie Brown and me. After the afternoon session we got on three machines and headed back. Supper was scheduled for 6:30 and they were on time. As always, the food was GREAT. Jean Claude spent a lot of time talking to us about the bride price and all that is involved in getting a wife. It was quite fascinating. I was able to get another nice cold shower tonight. The A/C and fridge continue to work well. I asked Jean Claude if he wanted a Snickers (talk about your stupid questions) and he answered in the affirmative before I could complete the sentence. I still have some emails to do and then I will Skype Linda. We all continue to be in good health and thank you for all of your prayers. Oh, this 3G modem is working great. Hopefully on the next trip they will have 12G!

In Christ,

Jim Corner

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