Sunday, February 15, 2015 7:30pm-12:30pm CST

Dear All:

We all had a great day of worshipping with our brethren. Jean Claude, Chris and Louise went to Kumba Town which is the largest congregation in the country. They had 237 this morning, Chris taught the adults while Louise taught one of the children’s classes. I can’t make it as amusing as she did in telling about the experience. She began with about 20 kids and then some more came in so they added another bench. Then some more came in and another bench was added. One of the blessings over here is that they have ‘moveable pews’. She ended up teaching upwards of 40 and this was in a small class room. They have the ‘sardine thing’ down to a science. I preached in Kossala. This is a congregation that averages 60 each Sunday and is a part of Kumba. The congregation is only 2 years old and it was started because many members lived in that area and had to trek (walk) a long distance to Kumba Town or pay for taxi. The congregation is shown below. They also have strict rules regarding you cell phone as you can see. The preacher did the song leading this morning and did an excellent job. The building is not very deep so we filled the place and the singing was marvelous. I taught both the Bible class and sermon. Over here as soon as you finish the Bible class they have announcements, a prayer and a song and you are back up preaching. We had 63 this morning and the time was a blessing. The preacher’s name is Theophilus and he picked me at the hotel and we took machines to the hall. It is a 15 minute ride and very enjoyable. The traffic in Kumba is not like Douala so it is not nearly as exciting. I got back to the hotel around 12:15 and actually beat the others. We ate in my room because the A/C is the best and had a delicious meal. I do not believe I will ever have a truly relaxing day in Cameroon as things come up and there is always stuff to do. This afternoon I had Jean Claude come into my room and translate the French evaluation forms for me. I will share some of the comments in the next day or two. I did some reports this afternoon and some other correspondence. Louise came in and worked on the computer so I was doing miscellaneous stuff during that time. Chris and Jean Claude swapped rooms because Jean Claude’s A/C worked but Chris’ did not. I don’t think it took too much arm twisting on behalf of Jean Claude. Then Jean Claude realized there was a serious plumbing problem in his new room so he has moved again. I had some problems with my computer and thought that I might be in big trouble but Chris rescued me. I will take a shower in a bit and then Skype with Linda. We are excited about the seminar tomorrow.

Here are some miscellaneous musings (Teresa, you will have to ask Ricardo what ‘musings’ are):

1. I liked the clock at Kossala today because it doesn’t work! I believe (understand that this is a preacher talking) that all watches and phones should be checked at the door and clocks (unless they don’t work) be forbidden from a church hall.

2. Terminology is interesting and this morning before I got up to teach a brother prayed for me that I would ‘dish out the Word’.

3. I miss my elevator from Douala. You see, I have to climb stairs here and my young bones prefer to ride than climb.

4. Even though the sun has went down it is actually warmer in my room as the electrical power goes down. Not complaining because this afternoon it was actually cold!

We are all healthy and thankful for your prayers.

In Christ,
Jim Corner


One Response to Howdy

  1. Joan Dixon says:

    Brother Jim, We appreciate receiving your daily journal of your activities in Cameroon. 

    My husband Bob Dixon and I lived and worked in Kumba from 1971-1973, following Jesse and Virginia Phillips.  We had been in Nigeria at the outset of the Biafran War in early June of 1967 and were evacuated along with all the other Americans in the southeast region.  After four years back in the States, we went to Kumba to work with Cameroon Christian Bible College which was newly established. While you are in Kumba, we would be interested to know whether any graduates of CCBC from that era are still actively working there.  Also, is William Ngah still there.  His brother Solomon was our watchnight and William was friends with our kids. God bless you with continued success in your efforts. Joan Dixon    

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