Saturday, February 14, 2015 9:45pm-2:45pm CST

Dear All:

Happy Valentine’s day to all. I miss my valentine but thank God for her. I would say this was a relaxing day and in some ways it was but it was also very tiring. Here goes; target time to leave was 8am so I got up at 6:30. Had virtually everything packed last night and Jean Claude arrived at 7:30. We got loaded and left the hotel at 7:55. Went to a nearby grocery store to buy some things; primarily for the driver and Jean Claude. Then left and met Louis in Bonaberi. We had some bottles for Linda that she uses for the children and Louis gave us some cooked eggs that Linda had made. I had my bread with the Chick-fil-A mayonnaise and had a wonderful breakfast. I had put a bottle of OJ in the freezer last night and as it thawed it was very nice. Lori-Angela who is Louis and Linda’s oldest child gave me a handmade valentine that told me she loved her Grandpa. I have so many grandchildren and they are all so precious. We stopped in Buea on the way to get some fruit and then stopped at another place to get some bananas. Yes, bananas are fruit but the best ones are at this roadside place. The driver’s name was Levi and he did a good job. We arrived a little after 11 and went to a grocery store to buy water and any necessities we might have. We did get Ketchup because oftentimes the hotel restaurant will not have any on hand. In Cameroon, of course, it is not required but in Garland it is a misdemeanor and that thought is embedded in my head so I must get Ketchup. We then got to the hotel and it is a few steps down from the hotel in Douala. We have had 2 power outages although they only lasted 5 minutes each. The current is very unstable so the lights will brighten and then get dimmer and the A/C will get colder and then not so cold. I wouldn’t ever classify it as truly cold but it is nice. The A/C in Chris and Louise’s rooms does not work well so Jean Claude got them fans. The water does not work in Chris’ room but outside of that everything is OK. The fridges are working and hopefully the power will stay on. Just in case, I know where my flashlight is at all times. Chris, Louise and Jean Claude went to the market to 1) get some tomatoes and onions and other stuff and 2) buy light bulbs for our rooms. There was one or two functioning bulbs in each room but not nearly enough to see much beyond your hand in front of your face. The highlight of the day was going to the Orphanage. I tell you about this each year; a dear sister named Diana runs the orphanage from her house. Two years ago she had 23 kids; last year 33 and this year 45! She has a few part-time helpers but she does the lion’s share of the heavy lifting. She is 58 with one grown child of her own. She is a precious sister. You see the signboard for the orphanage below and the second picture is of Louise passing out candy to the children. I think ‘candy’ speak in all languages! We also bought a 50 kilo bag of rice which is a little over 100 pounds. We also gave some money for the children and Diana. We had ordered supper and it was to be ready at 5 and it was promptly served at 5:40. Chris and I had chicken which was very good and very big. Louise and Jean Claude had fish and all enjoyed our meal and fellowship. Jean Claude has a new modem that is 3G versus the previous 2G. I guess ‘G’ stands for great or something like that; I just know it is faster. I will be interested to see if it has any impact on Skype. I took a shower tonight; there is no hot water but the temperature of the room is of such a nature that the cold water feels good. I still have things to do such I will sign off. We are all well and looking forward to a great day of worship tomorrow. Thanks for your continued prayers.

In Christ,
Jim Corner

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