Thursday, February 12, 2015 9:45pm-2:45pm CST

Dear All:

I am highly aware that 95% of what I write is drivel. I want to be serious for a minute and give you a prayer request. Tonight we discovered that a brother in Christ had a fire in his house while he was away and it killed his wife and 7 children. I don’t have a name for you but God knows and I want you to lift him up. Tragedies like this can drive someone closer to God or away so please pray for comfort and a stronger faith in the Lord.

Chris, Louise and myself are pleased with what is transpiring in our classes. I know that I write that every year because things are going well. The attendance today was down from last year; men’s class was 38 as opposed to 53 last year; women’s class was 37 as opposed to 41 and my class was 47 as opposed to 49. As I tell you each year; the fruit of the seminar will be seen in the future. However, since this is the 17th seminar we can already see positive fruit in the leaders.

Got up at regular time and left hall at 8:15 and made it to Louise’s dropping off place. There were already 8 there so we left and got to the hall in plenty of time. This morning was a day of riding a machine all over. Martin is pictured below and he is a delightful brother in Christ. I do suffer heat stroke just looking at him. He was a heavy jacket, gloves, a sock hat and his helmet and never sheds a single drop of sweat. I am in an A/C room and starting to sweat just thinking about it! We went to one store to get some candy for the orphanage we will visit on Saturday, then went to another place to buy paper and pens for Kumba and then we got some water. It seems like there was something else but I cannot remember. The Three Musketeers (Martin, Julien and Frances) drove us back to the hotel and we went across the street to a hamburger joint. I don’t know if this afternoon was hotter than others but I sweat more than usual. Could be that the electricity was off so no ceiling fans. Below is a picture of the group. Tonight while Louise was on my computer I went down and visited with Chris. I am so glad he is here. He is making a profound impact on the men. When I got home tonight I took a nice shower; this is a nice hotel and everything works well. I will Skype Linda and do a few other things and hit the sack. We are all doing well and are grateful for your participation.

In Christ,

Jim Corner


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