Wednesday, February 11, 2015 9:15pm-2:15pm CST

Dear All:

We were blessed once more. The classes are going well and all three of us are pleased. Attendance is basically the same as last year; today we had 44 men which was 2 more than last year; 36 women which was also two more and 54 in the afternoon which was one less. It is probable that we have plateaued regarding numbers. The main thing is that the brethren are learning and participating. Now to the day:

Got up once again at 6:50. Normal routine and we left for Lewatt and made it with no problems. Today was Youth Day so many businesses were closed as were all schools. We dumped Louise and headed on to the hall. Today I didn’t have any errands to run so was able to enjoy Chris’ class. I did have a meeting at both break times with one of the preachers After the seminar there was a miscommunication so only two machines to take us so Chris rode alone with Louise and yours truly on the other. Today we ate in the hotel restaurant and it was very nice. The REALLY nice thing is being with Chris and Louise. Headed back to the hall at 2:30 and my class went well. There are 7 sisters who are working with the villages and they met to work out the schedule between now and June. They are doing a GREAT job. Below is one of them by the name of Nadedge with her daughter Esther. We made it back with no problems and I was able to get a nice shower and later Louise came down to work on my computer.

A side note: I live in “Near-Miss Ville”; let me explain. In the course of your life you have probably had a few near misses. Almost in a car wreck; maybe getting to close to another airplane or any other of a number of like situations. Well, when you ride a machine in Douala you are always doing the ‘Near-Miss” thing. The good news is that you are missing so all is well. The drivers here are expert. Well, 60% of Douala is done. Two more days and off to Kumba. I still have a while before I can Skype Linda and Charlie Brown but have some other stuff to do. I appreciate so much all of your prayers We are all well.

In Christ,
Jim Corner

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