Tuesday, February 10, 2015 10:30pm-3:30pm CST

Dear All:

I can’t believe it is this late and I still am not nearly done with my stuff. Seminar went well today. If I say GREAT every day it may lose some of its meaning. The men’s class was 39 as opposed to 38 last year; women’s was 33 as opposed to 36 last year and afternoon was 54 as opposed to 42 last year. As always, numbers are not that important; it is what those who come to the seminar do with the material. Obviously, we won’t know for some time. We are convinced that a true change has taken place in the mentality of many of the leaders of the years we have been conducting these seminars. Let me return to the start of the day:

Got up at 6:45 with a scheduled departure time of 8:10. Got a taxi to Lewatt (that is the hotel the sisters meet in) and arrived at 8:30. No one was there but we went ahead and dumped Louise. Actually, as we were leaving some sisters started coming in. Chris and I hopped machines and made it to the church hall by 8:45. Louise had forgotten some material so Martin took me back to our hotel and then to Lewatt. Coke’s are something he rarely gets so he and I had a Coke and some peanuts. I really didn’t want to drink anything but I wanted to be a good host so I forced myself. We then went back to the church hall and I enjoyed the rest of Chris’ class. I have really been impressed these two days with his teaching. I had a really long day as I did not go back to the hotel for lunch. I had a meeting at 12:15 with the preacher from Bertoua; one at 1:00 with the preacher in Yokaduma and one at 1:45 with the preacher at Dakar. Let me say a couple of things about the work in Yokaduma: some of you are aware that this is the congregation where we built a building and house. We want to start scaling back the preacher’s support but this is a truly poor congregation. I am not sure if they will be able to continue to cope if they have to pay a greater share of his salary. He is doing a really good job and I pray we will be able to keep him there. My class started at 3 and it went well. Afterwards, we climbed machines and headed back to the hotel. We ate in Chris’ room and now is the time you have all been waiting for; for you newcomers to the ‘howdys’ you are going to discover what many already know and that is that I am a GREAT cook. Here is the recipe for this trip: take a Hormel brand of Microwavable Roast and Mashed potatoes; mix in a fresh slice of Spam; then add a can of Beenee Weenees and garnish it with some Pringles of your choice. Of course, you don’t heat it as you do not want the flavor to get cooked. Harper and Collins has asked me to write a cook book (don’t know how they found out about me) and I am thinking about it.

You know; I am a happy and blessed guy. Today as I was on the machine I realized that I smile the most when I am on a machine. Just the experience of weaving in and out; of getting close but not touching to other machines, buses, trucks, cars and planes. You could definitely reach out and touch about anyone you desired. When I think about it the only time I smile more is when I see my beautiful, sweet, magnificent, wonderful and glorious wife! If she wasn’t so beautiful, sweet, magnificent, wonderful and glorious I wouldn’t smile so much! The picture below is of Chris’s class. Hopefully I will have more pictures tomorrow. I still have to Skype with Linda and Charlie Brown as well as a couple of other things. I appreciate your prayers so much.

In Christ,
Jim Corner


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