Monday, February 09, 2015 9:00pm-2:00-pm CST

Dear All:

Seminar started off well. We had 32 in the men’s class which was 3 less than last year; 25 in the ladies class which was exactly the same and 41 in the afternoon class which was 3 less than last year. Chris did an excellent job although I had no worries. He is a very humble servant and a good Bible teacher. Louise was pleased with the way her day went as was I.

I got up a bit before 6:30 and was ready to go at 7:55. We flagged a taxi and made it to the LeWatt Hotel where the ladies meet by 8:15. Then Chris and I climbed machines and rode to the church hall. The first day is always so exciting as I get to see brethren that I have not seen in a year. I did not have to run any errands today so I was able to be in Chris’ class the entire time. At lunch Martin and Julien took Chris and I to pick Louise. I rode with Julien and Chris and Louise rode with Martin. The 3 of us walked to the grocery store as we needed some water, cheese and candy bars! The operative word is NEED (at least when it comes to the candy bars.)We ate in Chris’ room and the food was great as well as the fellowship. Three brethren came to pick us at 2:30 and we made it back to the church hall in plenty of time. My class began at 3 and ended at 5:45. For those of you who have received these missives for some years I know you get tired of hearing me rave about what a blast it is to ride a machine (motorcycle) over here. It is really fun when the traffic is heavy. You can run red lights, climb on the sidewalk, weave in and out, go the wrong way on a one-way street or go against the flow of the traffic on the wrong side. Bottom line is you get to your destination with no problems. Louise came down to my room to do email but it would not work. Something about my computer locking her out from her account because we are in Cameroon. She says it will unlock at 8:10 in the morning which is the precise time we will leave. The only picture I was able to get today was one of me. Had it made at a studio here in Douala today. I look rather dashing, don’t you think? We are all well and looking forward to day #2. Thanks for your prayers.

In Christ,

Jim Corner

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