Saturday, February 07, 2015 9:30pm-2:30pm CST

Dear All:

Whew! We are all here! This travelin ain’t what all that enjoyable. I will tell you about collecting Louise after I go through the day. Got up at 9 (will be the last time I can sleep in for some time). My dear wife thinks sleeping in is when you get up at 2pm! My computer would not boot up so I asked Chris for help and he suggested I unplug the computer and remove the battery and put it back in and that fixed it. I like having ‘computer whizzes’ with me. Louis was supposed to be here at 10 but was delayed until 11. Once he got here we (Chris and me) went with Louis to get some name tags. Chris Harlow had paid for a bunch but when I got here I realized I needed a few more. When then went to get an adapter for Chris and some fuel for a small stove he has to heat water. Not sure why anyone needs anything hot over here. I had bought some candy for Louis’ girls yesterday and they liked it so much I got them some more. I am a bona fide grandpa and I know the three rules of being a grandparent; 1) Let them do anything they please 2) Fill them full of chocolate 3) Hand them back to mom and dad with a smile on your face while a frown is on theirs! While I am thinking about it there are a few trials that I am going through and you might want to pray for them (maybe not); 1) I can’t get my thermostat regulated; I am either too hot or too cold. 2) I can’t get the thermostat in my fridge working; I still have some drinks that are rock hard and they are not in the freezer. 3) I am having a severe problem in deciding which candy bar to eat. Oh well, life can be hard. Back to the day; we went to lunch and met Jean Claude there. Chris, Louis and I had chicken and rice and Jean Claude had a pizza. The 3 of us (not Jean Claude) also split a pizza and it was quite good. We then hopped on machines back to the hotel. I forgot to tell you yesterday of the driver that took us to the airport to pick Chris. I think in another life he was a machine driver. This guy was all over the place but we got there faster than anyone. This afternoon Chris rested and I worked on reports. Louise was supposed to land at 5:25 which meant that if she was on time she would come out at 6 or so. I got to the airport and went inside and saw that her plane was delayed 1 hour. Understand that this place has no A/C so I stood and stood and stood in the heavy, heavy, heavy heat for over an hour. (Are you feeling sorry for me yet)? She finally came out and we headed for the hotel. Her experience was quite exciting but I am just glad that all of us are here. Tomorrow Chris will go to Bonaberi where Louis preaches while Louise and I will go to Jean Claude’s congregation. Please be in prayer for those who are currently traveling to the seminar. The ones from the North have already left as it is 21 hour journey. They should arrive around noon tomorrow. After worship I am going to meet with a committee that does some village work that we support. I was unable to get ahold of Linda yesterday and the only thing that I can figger is that her ‘caller id’ is working well! I am fixin to call and Skype with her and get in bed at a decent hour.

I can’t remember yesterday so it is possible that I have posted this picture in the past. It is of Charlie Brown and Grandma at his High School graduation. He is simply small for his age. He is presently studying to be a Nuclear Physicist! He is almost as smart as me!

In Christ,




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