Sunday, February 01, 2015 5:34pm-5:45pm CST

Dear All:

Lord willing, I will be headed for Cameroon on Wednesday afternoon and scheduled to land in Douala @5:25pm their time (7 hour difference). Chris Lowe and Louise Clement will leave one day later as they wanted to get as much work done at their jobs as possible. Fortunately for me, I am a preacher so I don’t work! As you know; I will be sending these missives each day and you should receive the first one on either Thursday or Friday, depending on when I can get an internet connection. I am going to go over some old rules to you ‘old-timers’ and new rules to you ‘first-timers’.

1. The internet speed that I have in Cameroon is slow so please, please, please DO NOT under any circumstances send any pictures or attachments. No matter how cute they may be I am asking that you keep them to yourself.

2. Please email me as often as you can but please send the email to instead of replying on the blog page.

3. If you have a friend who would like to receive these please ask them to go to our website and sign up under blog which is on the far left of the home page. The site address is

Once I get some pictures from Africa I will send them. For now you will have to put up with the picture below. It is of our 3rd grandchild, Junior. Cute kid don’t you think!

I am packed and ready for Wednesday. Thank you for all of your prayers, especially those on behalf of my lovely wife Linda.

In Christ,
Jim Corner





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