Tuesday, October 28, 2014 7:40pm-1:40pm CST

Dear All:

Suffering is a part of life in this part of the world and we try to participate in that suffering. For example, last night after the delicious meal I described for you we suffered through a Mars Bar Ice Cream bar or whatever it is called. Tonight, we suffered through some ice cream at a local joint. I didn’t want to go but my sweet little brother did and being the kind and benevolent older brother that I am; I persevered and forced myself to down 2 scoops! Don wanted 5 scoops but since I am looking out for him I kept him to 2. While I am thinking about it: I just received a call from Louis and he said there were some people who wanted to speak with me. Well, his three girls (Lori-Angela, Renea and Gabby) all wanted to say thank you for the candy I had bought them today. They are cute little kids and I love them so much. Back to the suffering thing: I can hear a Mars Bar and Coke Light calling me.

The day began at 8 after a good night’s rest. We are really thankful for the good accommodations we have. The Lord has truly blessed us. This morning I wrote an article that will be in our churches bulletin this Sunday. The day before we left for the journey our preacher was speaking from a series that he had started that dealt with idolatry. That Sunday the sermon was on the Idol of Control and he pointed out that God is in control. If I have written this in an earlier ‘Howdy’ then possibly He is not in control of my memory! At any rate; the trip has went off without a hitch and has been like all of the trips. After I got up Don and I went to a local grocery store to buy the candy and one or two other things. When we got back Louis was here so we went to the Post Office to buy post cards. I send 16 on each trip to various family members (primarily grandkids) and work on them as I am flying over. These will be for the February trip. We then went to the Wood Market to buy a few things. Jean Claude met us at the hotel and we went to lunch and had a great time. We were able to take machines both ways and I am not even going to try to describe the ride. When I got back I started to pack. There are a number of things that I leave with Jean Claude as I do not use them in the States and there is no need to ferry them back and forth. Jean Claude and Louis stayed with us for some time. These brothers are so precious to me and such powerful soldiers in the army of God. The picture on the left is the four of us and then a picture of me and my brother. After the ice cream he spent about an hour with me. As I have stated in earlier messages; it has been a pleasure to be with him. I still have work to do and will Skype with Linda and Charlie Brown later. Thanks for your continued prayers.

In Christ,

Jim Corner

2 Responses to Howdy

  1. Carolyn Moore says:

    Dear Brother Jim,    THANKS FOR ALL the updates and all the wonderful pictures!!!!!! You have me crackin up at all the things you say and do!!!!! We are so very blessed to have you and Louis and Jean-Claude and all the people that go with you on these trips!!!!    I just can’t believe you mix tuna fish, ravioli’s, and potato chips all together!!!!! That DO NOT sound good!!!! I will keep all the prospects and new converts in prayer!!!!! I enjoy reading about them and how the studies go with them or do not go with them!!!!    Please tell Jean-Claude and Louis I said hello and I send my love to ALL our Cameroonian Brothers and Sisters In Christ!!!! I hope and pray you and your brother have a safe trip back to the USA and Jean-Claude and Louis have a safe trip back to their homes!!!!!God Bless You All,Love, In Christ Jesus,Carolyn

  2. Janie Klein says:

    Is that Don with you in the bottom picture?? It’s been a long time since I’ve seen him.

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