Sunday, October 26, 2014 8:10pm-2:10pm CST

Dear All:

How do you say ‘another great day in Cameroon’ without sounding redundant? The Lord blessed us with 8 Bible Studies and 4 baptisms. We are so grateful for the great work that the Lord is doing! Below are 3 of the converts from Kombe: from left to right you have Collins, Marianete and Bridget. More about them later; here is how the day unfolded:

Got up at 6:45 and thought a tragedy had struck for the second time in 16 months. Those of you have read my blogs for some time remember (well, maybe you don’t remember) that in June of 2013 the cleaning girl at one of the hotels left my window open and there was serious rain on the computer which destroyed it. Jean Claude told me that if the manager was aware the girl would be fired and probably put in prison. Well, my computer was not that valuable so I just took the hit. I woke up this morning with water on my computer; this time it was condensation from the A/C. Fortunately it did not cause any damage and a technician came up and fixed the A/C. From now on I am not going to leave my computer near a window or an A/C! Louis picked me at 8:15 and we headed for Kombe. It is a village that we help support through the Cameroon Mission Fund. It is about 1 hour from the hotel on Sunday with light traffic. Tomorrow it will take longer and on the way back I plan to climb a machine in Bonaberi so I can get back before Saturday!!!! The church meets in a small room and we had 71 in attendance which filled the hall. The congregation is on the right below. Their song leader’s name is Ruben and he did an EXCELLENT job. I have never worked here so I preached a basic class from Psalm 119 where we isolated 6 passages to show the glory of the Word. My sermon was from Luke 14:25ff on the cost of discipleship. This afternoon I preached from Romans 12:1,2 and all of the messages were well received. After the morning worship we immediately began teaching prospects. The picture of the 3 I mentioned above is below. Let me briefly speak of each: I don’t know how old Collins is but I would guess 20. Sometimes brethren may wonder why we have such a high percentage of our studies resulting in baptism. Well, it has nothing to do with us but the preparation of the local churches. When you have good prospects the results will be good. Collins’ mother is a sister-in-Christ and he had been studied with before. Marianete is a 16 year old who is also a regular visitor. She is very bright for her age and was ready to accept Jesus. Bridget is perhaps the most interesting; her son attends regularly and will go home and preach to his mother. We were surprised to find out later that he is not a brother in the Lord. She is a former member of a church that practices sprinkling as a form of baptism and told me that she knew that was not what the Bible taught. Her son was not baptized but she was. The afternoon was full of studies and then we had our evening worship. Louis was not feeling well all day but he still did a GREAT job. We were picked up and carried back to the hotel. I got here about 30 minutes before Don so I went ahead and took a nice shower. He and I then went down and had supper in the hotel and it was very good. It is REALLY good to be with him as I enjoy his company plus he is doing a GREAT job. What do you think about that, Heidi? I am fixin to Skype with Linda and then I have some other stuff to get done. Tomorrow I will be in Kombe again while Don and Jean Claude will be in Dakar.

Miscellaneous Thoughts:

1. Regarding Bridget; she just turned 43 and when I told her my firstborn will turn 42 in February she did not believe me. I simply cannot help my youthful looks. When Louis told her I was almost 65 she disbelieved again. I must confess that even in the States I am regularly taken for a 40 year old.

2. Evidently there were one or two who were not paying attention this morning in worship because the song leader said: If you are going to sleep, go somewhere else.

3. On the way back we had the driver, a brother named John Paul in the front and Louis and I in the back. We were all wearing seat belts which is a first for me.

4. Louis has been wearing a leather jacket most of the time. While it is not hot, it is 80-85 and I start sweating when I look at him with that jacket! He reminds me of Linda. If Linda went to the Equator she would take a sweater!

With the exception of Louis, we are all doing fine and he went to a doctor friend tonight and hopefully he will be 100% tomorrow. Don, Jean Claude and I are all doing well. Thank you for your continued prayers.

In Christ,
Jim Corner


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