Saturday, October 25, 2014 6:20pm-12:20pm CST

Dear All:

Arrived safely in Douala with no problems. Got up at 6:45 as we were planning on leaving the hotel at 8. Simon came before we left to collect the Bible for Stephane. It was raining but we climbed in 2 taxis and arrived at the bus station around 8:25. Started climbing on the bus at 8:40 for a 9:00 departure. This is a very nice bus with A/C and nice seats. It is a 55 or 65 seater and the ride was very comfortable. You golfers will understand the following analogy (Teresa, an analogy is a comparison); you have a 375 yard hole and it takes you 2 shots to get the first 345 but the final 35 yards to the cup take 5 strokes. Well, we made the 200 or so mile journey from Yaounde to Douala in about 3 hours but the following 20 miles took about one hour. Traffic was bad in Douala but this is a city the size of Dallas with nothing but 2 lane roads. I didn’t take any pictures today so decided to post a picture of two of the MOST beautiful girls in the WHOLE world! The one on the right is our granddaughter Alex. When we arrived at the hotel we immediately dropped our stuff and took a taxi for lunch. I had a salad with Tuna and brought along a packet of tuna so I could have a fair amount. We had a good time and then Jean Claude and Louis went one way and Don and I hopped machines back to the hotel. Then we took a taxi to a grocery store to buy a few things that will last for the balance of the trip. Once we finally got back I started to unpack and am in good shape right now. Don and Jean Claude will work in Mambanda which is one of the Douala congregations tomorrow and Louis and I will work in Kombe which is a village that Jean Claude’s congregation has been working with. Don is fixin to come over to visit and at some time I will Skype Linda. We are all well and thank you for your prayers and concern.

In Christ,
Jim Corner


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