October 24, 2014 9:45pm-3:45pm CST

Dear All:

The Lord blessed us with a fruitful day. We were able to share the Word with 9 and baptize 2. That makes 37 Bible studies and 10 baptisms. Our task is to sow seed and we are thankful for the harvest that the Lord supplied. The Bible teaches in I Corinthians 16:9 that God opens doors and the door is wide open in Cameroon. Are we making the strides that I would like? No, but neither are we in my home congregation which I love dearly. We are seeing a good base laid for the future of the church in this country. My prayer is that the Lord will continue to give me the strength to be a part of that growth. Here is the day:

Got up at 8 after a good night’s rest. The Lord has truly blessed all of us with good health, good accommodations, good food and GREAT fellowship on this trip. We have not had a second of electrical outage nor has the water ever failed to flow. While these physical comforts are not essential to the success of the campaign; we nevertheless thank the Lord for providing for us. Louis and I were scheduled to leave at 10 which we did. We first took a taxi to the bus station to purchase our tickets for the journey tomorrow. Lord willing, the bus will pull out at 9am. We arrived in Nkoabang around 9:55. Our first study was not a good one. He was a young man who appeared to be intelligent but is convinced that what one believes or what a church teaches is not that important. We showed him Romans 6:17 where Paul states there is a singular doctrine and Matthew 16:18 where Jesus clearly stated that He would build only one church. I think I mentioned this in an earlier email but the devil does some of his best work through false teaching and man-made churches. Our next study was with a lady named Denise. She seemed to be a thoughtful woman and Louis and I both felt it was a good study. We pray that with time she will give her life to the Lord. Our next study was with a 23 year old man named Stephane. This study went very well and he gave his life to the Lord! Finally there was Natalie and she was not a good study. Throughout it appeared that she was not interested. Louis spoke with one of the brothers later and it turns out that Natalie lives with a sister in Christ who is unfaithful and is a bad example. Hopefully this can be overcome. We had a good evening service. Their song leader is REALLY good! There were only about 20 but it sounded like the Moron Snabbernackle Choir. I would like to take credit for Moron Snabbernackle Choir but I must not plagiarize; the credit goes to Tommy Smothers. For you youngsters you will have to ask your grandparents or Teresa Blaisdell who Tommy Smothers is. Due to my young age I only read about him on the internet. They had asked me to speak on the nature of the family of God and the lesson was well received. I snapped some pictures, including the one below of Simon and Nadedge. The children are: Herman (13), Daniel (7) and Esther (20 months). We got a taxi back and these guys have unbelievable eyesight at night. I am sorry that I cannot video at night because I saw some things tonight that would have to be seen to be understood. We got back in time for supper and had a good last meal in Yaounde.

Miscellaneous thoughts:

1. Ain’t traveling grand?! I know there are some people who like to travel but I am not one of them. Since we arrived I have unpacked and packed 5 times.

2. The church in Nkoabang is led by a great preacher by the name of Simon Parfait. I don’t know how well he preaches but I have seen his life. The church needed some land and he gave the plot of land his mother had given to him for a church hall. This was going to be for a personal home but he knew the church needed the land.

3. We were happy to receive DRY laundry today. We are at the end of the rainy season and sometimes the laundry comes back wet as the only dryer we have over here is the sun and the clouds get in the way at times.

4. I was reminded again tonight why I love machines and despise taxis. Nkoabang is a 45 minute journey from the hotel if the traffic is not heavy. Coming home tonight we hit a stretch where we sat and sat and sat while machines blew by us on the right and left.

I am basically packed for the morning; took a nice shower and will send this and Skype with Linda and Charlie Brown. We continue to say a big THANK YOU for all of your prayers. We are all doing well and look forward to getting back to Douala. We will work on Sunday and Monday and that will end the campaign.

In Christ,

Jim Corner

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