Thursday, October 23, 2014 9:15pm-3:15pm CST

Dear All:

Wow, wow, wow, wow, wow; you should have been with me on the machine today from the main road to Mendong where I worked. Actually, only some of you should have been with me as the rest would now be resting peacefully in the morgue! Not from an accident but from a heart attack! If my sister-in-law Ellen had been on one of those machines she would be deader than a hammer! The road this morning was muddier and there are a couple of places where you have to climb at a pretty steep angle and then dive. No roller coaster at 6 Flags has anything on these roads. Spent a lot of time in prayer today; primarily things like: keep us safe, keep us upright, bless the driver; give the driver good sense etc, etc, etc. Well, Louis and I came out well. Now to the more mundane things of the day:

Got up at 7:50 as we were not leaving until 9:20. Checked email and went to the restaurant to watch Don, Jean Claude and Louis eat. Louis must have leprosy as he was eating at his own table near Jean Claude and Don. Jean Claude said they did not want him! Not a very nice thing to say about a brother. The camaraderie on these trips is so cool! Louis and I left on time and got a taxi to the place where we climbed the machines mentioned above. I probably say this on every trip but I love to see how close we can come to hitting things (people. cars, trucks, stuff) without touching them. We are in the capital city and yet the roads are amazing. Don’t quite know how to describe the level of amazement. I taught 5 today with no seeable fruit. The first was a husband and wife and I really felt good about them. When it came time to ‘pull the trigger’ the man said no but the woman said yes. Louis spoke with the husband and inquired if he would allow the wife to baptize and he said yes. Later he changed his mind. We both believe she is very serious but he is not. The next two we taught were not serious at all. The level of their involvement in denominationalism has darkened their minds. The last is the picture below with Louis helping her look at the Scriptures as I taught. Her name is Vivian and we believe with time that she will give her life to God. Of course, only God knows the mind of a person. I never cease to be amazed at how the devil has taken the simplicity of the gospel and twisted it in so many ways that good people are deceived and will spend eternity with the devil and his angels because of a failure to follow the Word of God. We had a good worship with the Mendong brethren. This is a very small church that was established because of taxi fare being too high to the Biyem-Assi Church of Christ. The location is out of the way but the members seem to be very dedicated. After the worship we climbed our machines to come back to the road and got a taxi to the hotel. Supper was scheduled for 7 but Don and Jean Claude were absent. Ngousso, the church where they were to work, had no prospects which was very discouraging. Their worship was supposed to begin at 5 and it promptly began at 6! They made it back to the hotel around 8. I had told Louis that we should wait to eat supper with our comrades but he said no so I gave in because I am such a soft touch. Linda can attest to that! BTW: no one needs to actually ask her; just take my word for it! Louis and I enjoyed our supper as did Don and Jean Claude. Tomorrow we switch churches which I mentioned yesterday. Please pray for the preacher at Nkoabang by the name of Simon Parfait. He had to go to the hospital last night with Malaria. I spoke with him today and he sounded terrible but Louis and I will still go because there are other brothers who can work with us in case he has not recovered. Please pray for him. Malaria is the #1 killer of Africans.
I am fixin to take a shower, Skype with Linda and prepare for tomorrow. We are all fine and thank you for your continued prayers.

In Christ,

Jim Corner


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