Wednesday, October 22, 2014 8:00pm-2:00pm CST

Dear All:

Arrived with no problems in Yaounde. Here is the day:

Got up at 5:50 to prepare for the trip to Yaounde. Scheduled to leave at 7 and we were on time. The A/C in my room was so cold that I had to turn it off this morning. I realize that you like to suffer with me and that is why I share my travails. A Christian sister by the name of Ann Marie made the pizza that you see below. It was soooooooooooo good!!!!!!!!!!!! Now this next line is for Heidi although anyone is free to read it: you will not be surprised at my generosity towards my sweet little brother as you witnessed it on so many occasions when we were growing up. Initially there were 8 little pizzas and I took one and gave the other 7 to Don because of my love for him! I really wanted more but I made the sacrifice for Don. Had some usual check-point stops by the Police but you show your passport and off you go. On the way I asked Jean Claude and Louis if they were good at solving riddles and they said yes so here is the one I gave them: There is a canoe going down the highway with all 4 doors open. How many donuts can you get in a doghouse? Of course, anyone with good math skills will know that the answer is 287, because a snake has no armpits. Jean Claude and Louis pondered and pondered and finally Louis said: you are giving me a headache! We made good time and arrived around 12:30 in Yaounde and made it to the hotel around 1. Yaounde has a population of 800,000 and the traffic can be very slow. Our rooms are very nice but there is one piece of “Good News, Bad News”. The good news is that all of our rooms have a fridge. The bad news is that none of them work! It’s the thought that matters comes to mind. The rooms have good A/C and are small which is good because the less to cool, the cooler it is. My room also has hot water! I took a nice shower and am having a good time at the computer. We met the leaders (shown below) who represent the 4 churches we will work with in the next two days. Don and Jean Claude will work with Ngousso and then Biyem-Assi while Louis and I will work with Mendong and Nkoabang. I will give a shiny new dime to anyone who can correctly pronounce all of those names. Oh; if you have been to Cameroon you do not qualify for the prize. While my brain is thinking about it let me throw in a thought from the time we were in Yokaduma. Because of the nature of the roads a driver will never need 4th or 5th gear. If for some reason they shift into either of those the gear will be so surprised that it has to move into action! We went to a local grocery store and could still find no Mars Bars or Snickers. What is this world coming to? At least we did find some Toblerone and Double Stuff Oreos! Had to buy some water and a few other things. The meeting with the brothers was at 4 and then we ate at 5:30. Had my usual ½ chicken, fries and rice. When we placed the order I had Jean Claude ask if they had Spaghetti and she said yes. When he started to order it for me she said they were out. Reminds me of when Linda came with me on the long journey in 2008. We stayed at 10 or so hotels and every one of them had ice cream on the menu but not one of them had ice cream! I plan to relax a bit tonight and Skype with Linda and Charlie Brown in about 2 hours. We are all well and looking forward to tomorrow. We continue to say THANK YOU for your prayers.

In Christ,

Jim Corner


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