Friday, October 17, 2014 2:50pm-8:50am CST

Dear All:

I am going to break this ‘Howdy’ down in two parts. Had a good night’s rest. Electricity stayed on all night and the bed is quite comfortable. This is a very nice hotel and we are thankful. Slept till nearly 10 but I must confess to a misstatement: not a lie because I thought I was telling you the truth. When I got ready to take my shower last night there is hot water. Oftentimes with a shower you have to hold the ‘sprayer’ or whatever it is called but this one was attached to the wall! Also, oftentimes in smaller towns the water pressure is very low but this was as good as any shower I have ever taken! Also; it is positioned in such a way that you can ‘kill two birds with one stone’ if you know what I mean. Another plus is that I have no toilet seat. Hey ladies; just think of how good that would be because you would not have to jump your husbands about leaving it up. Once you got used to it you would never fall in! Paul and Rose (he is the preacher in Bertoua and Jean Claude’s younger brother) came over to say hi this morning. It was a joy to see them. Rose collected our laundry as she will take care of it. They are a great couple and he is doing a really good job here. We then went to a local grocery store to buy a few things. Primarily water as we were almost out. Louis and I will buy water in Yokaduma when we get there. I forgot to tell you yesterday that on the bus from Douala to YaoundĂ© it had seat belts! Don’t see them often over here. I have repacked so that I will only take one piece of luggage with me to Yokaduma plus my backpack. Charlie Brown calls it a ‘frontpack’! I didn’t get to Skype with Linda last night as it was too late when I called and she and a bunch of ‘old biddies’ were playing some game up at church. I did get to talk with her briefly and hope to Skype with her and Charlie Brown tonight. Oh, I also was able to talk with my sweet daughter! We are having supper at 4 and then meet with the church at 5:30. Usually on Friday nights the service is one of song and prayer. Tonight I will speak briefly. When I was growing up in Wichita I had a good friend at church named Steve and he had a punk sister named Heidi. She emailed me last night and said that I should say something nice about Don every day. I will work on that and see if it comes to pass but she should not hold her breath! I will say that his praise of me as the most outstanding big brother in the history of big brothers is good! Is that what you wanted to hear, Heidi? I will sign off for now and then get back on tonight.

10:20pm-4:20pm CST

Trying to get done as quickly as possible. Will take a shower after I send this and then hit the sack. Oh; I have a prayer request. I am suffering here under this A/C with the most delectable Oreo cookie I have ever eaten. It has some kind of fudge around it; I know it is good for me. One other thing: Heidi, still trying to find a good thing to say about my younger brother. We had supper at 5 and it was deeeeeeeeeeeeeelicous!!!!!!!!!! Yes; I know above that I said it would be at 4 but you go with the flow over here. Really enjoyed our time of fellowship together. Then we got in a taxi and headed for the church hall. I spoke on church growth from the perspective that we need to truly be a family. Used Ephesians 3:14-19 and Hebrews 2:11. It turned out to be a little more than a short lesson. During the lesson I mentioned that in all families there will be a certain level of turmoil but our love will trump (didn’t use the word trump) our problems. I then used my brothers as an example. I pointed out that our oldest brother Rod would pick on Fred and then Fred would pick on me. I then mentioned that every rule has an exception and pointed out that I was a wonderful brother to Don. You need to pray for him as he disagreed with that truthful statement. Perhaps in his old age he simply has memory problems. Picture below is of Paul and his wife Rose along with Virgil, Andy and Fiona. I was able to Skype with Linda but I was sad because Charlie Brown was not there. That is two days in a row that I have not seen him and now I have to wait until Monday. The internet connection with my modem is very good. Still cannot do videos but everything else is fine. Louis and I will leave at 7 in the morning and our target is to arrive in Yokaduma by 4. I am excited about getting there. Don and Jean Claude will work for the next 4 days here in Bertoua. We are all fine and continue to say THANK YOU for your prayers.

In Christ,
Jim Corner

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