October 17, 2014 1:30am – October 16, 2014 7:30pm CST

Dear All:

As you can see; I am getting a late start. Will explain from the beginning. Got up at 6:30 after a sound night of sleep. Don said he had some trouble sleeping last night. Jean Claude came around 8 and we took the hotel bus to the bus park. Met Louis there and unloaded everything. We were on a very nice bus that had A/C and would seat 65. It was full and we had a safe and uneventful journey to Yaounde. Took about 4 hours. Oh, Linda Bassay had cooked some eggs for us and the breakfast was very nice. Don and I had gotten some bread on Wednesday afternoon and I had some Chick-fil-A mayo. I had put a bottle of OJ in the freezer and it was rock solid. By the time we got to the bus station some had thawed and the bottle made the trip all the way to Yaounde. When we arrived we met Simon Parfait who preaches for the church in Nkoabang where we will work next week. Louis and I started walking to secure a bus to Bertoua. There are many ‘bus agencies’ and it took a while but we finally found a 65 seater. Not as nice as the one to Yaounde but still very comfortable. The weather is not hot so with the windows open the journey was very nice. They had a TV playing but it was in French so I read a book and also went over my class for February. The journey took almost 7 hours. The road is a good road (used to be very bad) but we were stopped by the police and had to show our ID cards a few times. The last one everyone had to get out of the bus; show your ID card to the policemen and then walk ahead. Finally the bus pulled up and we got on and were in Bertoua within 20 minutes. You can’t describe a bus park. Plenty of big buses (I mean BIG) in a fairly small area. We secured two taxis to take us and our stuff to the hotel. Not only did we have our luggage but two boxes of WBS material for the churches in Bertoua and Yokaduma. Also had a box of Bibles that we will give to the new converts. This is my second time of staying at this hotel. The name is Cristiana. The rooms are very nice and the A/C and water are working. Won’t be any hot water buy only wimps need such things! Since Linda came to Cameroon she never used hot water. We had called ahead to see if we would be able to have supper and they fixed chicken, fries and rice and it was very nice! Below are the feet of the chicken. I wish I could bring them home because that is Linda’s favorite part. We originally had planned to stay in Yaounde today, drive to Bertoua tomorrow and then leave on Saturday (Louis and I) for Yokaduma while Don and Jean Claude work here. Louis suggested (a good one) that we go to Bertoua today and tomorrow we can relax. Will still have a few things to do but I do not plan on setting my alarm. I tried to call Linda but she isn’t home or her caller ID is working too well! I am going to take a shower and hopefully will be in bed by 2 or shortly thereafter. We are all healthy and looking forward to our work. Thanks for your continued prayers.

In Christ,
Jim Corner

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