Wednesday, October 15, 2014 8:30pm-2:30pm CST

Dear All:

Had a relaxing day in Cameroon. I did forget to tell you that on the flight from Paris to Douala my young brother did not share any of his food with me. And to think that when we were kids and went out ‘trick or treating’ I would give him roughly half of my candy. I am sure he would confess to the fact that I was a GREAT big brother and that he only wishes he could have been as nice to others as I was to him. OK; here is the day:

Slept really well as did Don. Got up at 8:30 and went to the post office to mail some cards and to a copy place to make copies of our passport stamp that we received on entering the country last night. This is only a precaution in case we should lose our passport. It would help in getting a replacement. Louis and Linda came at 10 and we had a nice visit with them. Went over the upcoming trip along with getting caught up on their 3 adorable girls. The only thing I can say is that I am thrilled that they took after the looks of their mother! Also got her brains. Jean Claude had assured me he would be here by ‘sharp 10’ but I would have died of a heart attack if that had taken place. Instead he rolled in around 10:30. We went to a local grocery store to get some stuff for the trip. Then went to lunch and had a nice visit and good food. Don wanted to ride a machine back and because I am a good big brother I acquiesced. I know they can be dangerous but he begged and pleaded so I said OK. He came to my room and we had a good visit. I am so glad he is here as I enjoy our time together. He went out for a walk while I am here working but that is OK. We have decided that tomorrow we will take two buses; one to Yaounde and then on to Bertoua.

I know I write this at some point on every trip but the internet connections we have in the States are so much faster than here. If you have high speed internet you need to thank God for it. Had a nice shower and am looking forward to tomorrow but especially the days to come. Still many hours of bus rides in the future. Oh; last night on an episode of Tucker Harding’s favorite show there was a baaaaaaaaaaaaaaa man; a really baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad man who made this statement: There’s a guy who can eat airplane food and ask for seconds. Amen! Anyone with a superior palate will say so. The baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad man that said that was not being nice!

Regarding the pictures below: Linda plays for the Cowboys but is not as mean as she looks. Get her on a football field and head for cover! The kids in the other picture are Cy, Charlie Brown and KB. Cy and KB belong to our daughter Bapp. Scheduled to leave at 8 in the morning. Still stuff to do so I will sign off. We are fine and appreciate your prayers so much!

In Christ,

Jim Corner


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