Pre-Howdy – October 2014

Dear All:

Well; I am really behind schedule as I usually get this done days before I leave and I am leaving in the morning! The picture below is of our grandson KB who is 6 and our granddaughter Alex who is 9 but will turn 10 next month. It will be a few days before I get African pictures for the blog.

Some rules to remember:

1. Please do not send pictures or attachments as they will only clog up my inbox.

2. Please do email as I look forward to hearing from you.

3. Please do not send jokes or other ‘spam’ type stuff.

4. The best way to reply is via my email address at rather than doing a reply to the blog.

I am scheduled to land in Douala on Tuesday but we will then travel to Yaounde and then to Bertoua and finally to Yokaduma. I know you will be praying for us and I thank you for that. Will get more detailed in coming days. Hopefully you will receive the next ‘Howdy’ on Tuesday or Wednesday.

In Christ,
Jim Corner



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