Wednesday, July 02, 2014 9:20am-4:20am CST

Dear All:

I will see Linda in 48,603 seconds but who is counting. We have traveled 1,449 miles thus far with 3,049 more to go to Atlanta. We are flying at 520 miles with a 35 MPH Head Wind at an altitude of 32,011 feet. I would give you the Longitude and Latitude but you are probably already bored. You should see me right now; I am in this little airplane seat with my computer on my little tray table. I have my MP3 player in my pocket with it plugged into my computer. My WONDERFUL son-in-law gave me some kind of contraption that is charging my IPhone. I have so many wires that if I had to get up quickly I would probably strangle myself. No new pictures to post so hope you enjoy the nice one of Grandma and Charlie Brown. Typically I live in fear of Linda but I am counting on my absence as a means of forgiveness. The other photo below is of Charlie Brown sleeping upside down! He slept that way for a solid hour. The kid can sleep anywhere in any position! As you can see; we have crossed one time zone on our way to Atlanta from Paris. Let me catch you up to date since I last wrote. We left the hotel last night at 5:30. They are doing road construction so the trip to the airport was a bit slower than usual. Once we arrived we walked straight in and quickly got our boarding passes. We then paid our Airport Tax, turned in our Custom Form and headed for the gate. It was not open but they let us go in and enjoy the A/C without first going through security. They had 3 nice electrical outlets. Problem is that none of them worked. One of the security guards unplugged something under the desk where the airline workers check us in. Hope it didn’t mess anything up. Well, I typed for a while and then had to go out and go through security. Because of my Pacemaker I can’t go through the metal detector so I get a full pat down. They then go thoroughly through your carry-on. I always get grief for going to the airport so soon (our flight did not leave until 11:05) but we get to the A/C much faster! Flight took off fairly close to schedule and was smooth. Had a GREAT supper (GREAT supper when speaking of airplane food is understood). In fact, after we got off the plane Chris was telling me that it was the finest food he had ever tasted! Our connection was very tight as the flight from Paris left at 8:30 and we did not land until 7. Fortunately we received our boarding passes for both the flight from Paris and the flight from Atlanta last night and we flew into the same terminal that we flew out of. Had a delightful breakfast and will spend time writing correspondence, working on my trip report, working on my PowerPoint presentation for July 13, reading and working on my class for next Wednesday night. I have a seat with electricity so I can keep my computer working for the entire trip. Bapp is going to pick me and Chris at DFW this afternoon. My best friend will fly straight to San Antonio from Atlanta. I have decided that he will have to work something out with his boss to come to Cameroon 3 times a year! His help with my computer was invaluable.

Let me discuss the state of the church in Cameroon: you already know about the trip so I won’t repeat those things. From ‘FINAL HOWDY’ to ‘FINAL HOWDY’ things will not change dramatically. Today I will see 3 of my grandkids (Will, Cy and Charlie Brown) and even though they have grown over the past 2+ weeks the growth will be imperceptible to me. My view of the church in Cameroon is over an 18 year period. Make no mistake; there are many struggles in the future. Hey; last Sunday the second congregation in the country (there are 210) ordained elders. I am extremely encouraged by the direction the church is taking. The church in America has so many blessings that the church in Cameroon does not possess and yet we are ‘flat lining’ when it comes to growth. The work that is being done with the children, with leaders and the church in general is going to bear much fruit in the future. My personal belief (I pray am wrong about this) is that substantial numerical growth is 1 generation away. In my HOWDY yesterday I discussed Noble Age 5 which will be aimed toward teens. I am excited about this project and believe it will have a great impact on the long-term growth of the church. There are still many needs and if you can help please do. Here are some:

1. Regular contributions to the Cameroon Mission Fund. We usually stay close to a zero balance in this account as the money is being used to help the work in Cameroon. We are not ‘banking’ money for a rainy day. I believe in allowing God to take care of the rainy days.

2. Help with the village work. This includes both the village preachers we are supporting and the sisters who work with the village churches as it pertains to the Sunday school classes for the children. Two days ago I agreed with Jean Claude’s congregation to enlarge the work they are doing with 2 villages and enlarge means give more money so they can do more work.

3. We have 2 churches that are seeking help with their roofs. The expenditure will be about $3,000 total.

4. Funding the printing and translation of Noble Age 5.

5. Prayer – I realize that all cannot give money but each of you can get on your knees for this work and I know you are.

If you want to make a contribution make the check payable to: Buckingham Road Church of Christ – CMF and mail to:

Buckingham Road Church of Christ

ATTN: Jim Corner

3630 Buckingham Road

Garland, TX 75042

If you want the money to go to a specific item then list it under memo. If the money can be used where it is most needed you can leave the memo line blank.

I will write more before I send.

11:00am-10:00am CST

I will see Linda in 25,237 seconds! Yea! We have less than 90 minutes before we land in Atlanta. We have traveled 3,990 miles and only have 415 to go. I have tweaked my Bible class for next Wednesday and wrote a second rough draft of the trip report and I have all of the pictures selected for my PowerPoint Presentations. Have some video so will still have to work on editing. If you live in the Garland area Chris and I will give our report on Sunday night, July 13 at 6:00pm. A redundant theme at the end of each HOWDY is to tell you how smooth the trip was. The Lord has blessed each journey and this was no exception. After we clear customs in Atlanta we will head toward a final gate and we are scheduled to land at 3:05. Am going to shut down my computer for now and do some reading. Will write a few final words on the way to Dallas.

3:15pm – 2:15pm CST

I will see Linda in 10,756 seconds!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!We landed safely in Atlanta and had a fairly quick connection. We found the monitor that told where we were flying out of and Mark was out of Terminal A but we were out of Terminal T. There are not 20 terminals but they are numbered A, B, C, D, E and T. Go figger! Cleared customs with no problems and all luggage was secured. We said our goodbyes to Mark and went to our gate. We only had about 20 minutes or so before we started boarding. I have been writing letters and will write one more and then read for the duration. I close by telling you that your prayers were not taken for granted. We knew that you were lifting us up on a daily basis and for that we are so grateful!

In Christ,

Jim Corner

P.S.: See you in October, Lord willing.

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