Tuesday, July 1, 2014 1:45am – Monday, June 30, 2014 7:45pm CST

Dear All:

Fortunately I have a Twix, Snickers and some M&M’s to keep me company at this late time. Yesterday was a good day and I will try to recall it as best I can. Got up at 6:45 with a departure time of 8am. Was packed from the night before so didn’t have much to do. We got off on time and the trip to Douala was uneventful. It took about an hour to get from Buea to Bonaberi and another hour to get to the hotel. The traffic in Douala is really bad. We did get stopped by the police and we each showed our Passports and/or ID cards. The policeman was at the back and when he was satisfied he tapped the van twice and that was the signal for the driver to take off. We dropped Louis in Bonaberi along with Jean Claude’s stuff. The picture on the right below is of some bread that was purchased and then tied down on Martin’s machine. We checked in with no problems and got to our rooms. I did not have anything to buy at the Wood Market so Jean Claude and Vincent went with Chris and Mark to buy stuff. I started unpacking and more importantly; took my first shower in 3 days. When they got back we climbed into a taxi and went to have lunch. We all ordered different things but did share a pizza which was REALLY good! We took machines back to the hotel. Mark and I went to a couple of stores but was only gone 30 minutes or so. Chris stayed in and rested. We left for the hall at 6:10. Martin came along with another machine. Chris and Mark rode together with me on the other one. They both came to understand that a machine is the only way to fly in Douala. We were in and out and round and round. Thought I would try and explain it to you but that would be a waste of time. It was good to visit with many before the service which started at 7. The singing was GREAT and Mark preached and delivered a wonderful sermon. It has been a blessing to be with him and Chris on this journey. Afterwards I had a meeting with some of the members of Jean Claude’s congregation. We support them in two village works and they were giving me an update. Afterwards we headed home. It started to rain before we got to the hotel and the picture below shows how my hair looked when I got here. It is similar to Teresa’s although mine is not nearly as scattered. Mark came down to the room and helped me with a few things. Got our boarding passes for tomorrow night printed. We had a good visit for an hour or so. I was able to Skype with Linda and it was good to see her, Cy and Charlie Brown.

Miscellaneous thoughts:

1. I spoke to Linda tonight and a lady from World Bible School called to speak to me. There is a student in Cameroon who wants a study so I got the name and will send it to a preacher tomorrow, wait; make that today!

2. Tonight at the combined worship assembly a good friend named Gisele asked me how Linda was doing. I told her that she was a troublesome woman. I couldn’t believe what Gisele came back with; she said that it was the other way around. I had to call Jean Claude to help straighten her out.

3. There is a young girl named Ruth that I have known for many years. She has a daughter named Esther that is around 1. I was holding her and she was fascinated with my glasses and beard. She took the specs off one time but I was able to get them back with no damage.

4. At the end of the combined service tonight the song leader said that on the 3rd verse we would ‘stand on our feet’. Sure am glad he didn’t say ‘stand on our heads’!

5. You may recall that I posted a picture of some Walmart oatmeal. Well, Chris and Mark said it wasn’t very good and a possible reason for that was it was beyond the expiration date. Mark could not remember so it may have been a few days old or a few years!

6. Yesterday I told you that I had some articles of clothing that were probably lost. Well, this morning I found them in my Dirty Clothes Bag. I am still trying to figger out who put them there!

7. In the closing prayer after our meeting tonight the brother prayed: ‘we are departing but not from your presence.’ I like that!

8. At the end of the combined service each congregation gets up and reads a letter of thanks to us. Let me give you an excerpt: “Greetings to you in the name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. It is with great joy that we gather this evening to glorify God for the success of this mission and to express our gratitude for your love and commitment to save souls and to bid you farewell.” In one place they address me as: Dear Jim, our fellow country man. Hey, I like the sound of that and have the love of this country in my heart.

9. Oh, have I told you what a wonderful person Teresa Blaisdell is? She is loving, compassionate, extremely intelligent, beautiful, fantastic, and wonderful; wait; I need to go throw up!

We are all doing well and looking forward to being home. The next two days are very long ones. We appreciate your prayers and love so much.

In Christ,
Jim Corner



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