Saturday, June 28, 2014 8:15pm-2:15pm CST

Dear All:

The Lord blessed us with 3 souls today. I will tell you about two of them later in this missive.

Got up at 7:30 as we moved the devo back 30 minutes. I did not get into bed until after 1 this morning so I was glad to get the extra rest. Mark gave the devotional thought and did a GREAT job. The periods of devotion are truly encouraging. The singing, praying and words from God’s book are truly edifying. It is also fun to just be with these guys. These trips go by too fast! It was raining when we left the hotel but not seriously. I did, however, have to break out my umbrella. We got a taxi to the side of the road in Buea where we got in a van for the ride to Mutengene. We dropped Vincent, Chris and Mark & Jean Claude went with me to Tiko. That turned out to be a good thing as my first prospect was a French speaking man. His name is Magloire Tchieppi and I will give you $100 if you can correctly pronounce it with the agreement that you give me $200 if you can’t. That will be the easiest $200 I have ever made! Magloire’s wife is a member of the church so he was a good prospect. You can see him below. Then I taught a young girl named Lilian. She is 16 years of age and has an aunt who is a member. She, too, was good soil. You can see her below. As I told you yesterday; the work that the local church does before we arrive determines the success or failure of a campaign. Of course, when you are preaching the Word you are successful regardless of the fruit. Sidonie prepared some food for Jean Claude to eat 2 hours before we were supposed to eat at the hotel. He said it was an appetizer. Then before we left she fed him again! There is a good reason why he appears to be carrying triplets! We took a taxi to Mutengene and then another taxi to a store to buy a few things. Then we were off to the hotel. Supper was supposed to be at 5 and we started promptly at 6:30! I had spaghetti which was very good but they messed up everyone else’s order. Oh, before supper my best friend helped me some more on the Gmail thing. I am slowly getting the hang of it and think I am going to like it. The two kids on the right below are Makolo and Sidonie’s kids. Therese is 2 and Kinge will turn 5 in August. I think I told you that Sidonie is pregnant and she says that Therese wants a sister and Kinge wants a brother. Yesterday Therese would have nothing to do with me and the same was true today at the beginning. Then I got my IPhone out and took a small video of her and showed it and now I am her best friend. She even let me carry her. As a general rule children are a good gauge of character and that is why I am so appealing to them! I am in good shape time wise and will be able to relax a bit tonight.

Miscellaneous thoughts:

1. I was talking with Jean Claude and Louis about certain phrases and Louis said that old people never say ‘wow’. I said sometimes they do and he told me that Linda (my wife) would never say that so he believes she is old!

2. The hotel had not brought clean towels in several days so I asked for one. They gave two to Jean Claude and they were both wet. That is the problem with doing laundry in the rainy season. This morning it started raining around 3am and didn’t stop for hours.

3. Each night I put a bottle of water in my freezer. In the morning I get to enjoy ice water for a period of time. Today it actually lasted until 1pm.

4. It has been a few days since I spoke of any similarities between Cameroon and the States. I just finished pouring my big bottle of water into smaller ones for tomorrow. When we brush our teeth we rinse with the ‘store bought’ water just like home. Maybe that is why Linda spends so much money on drinking water!

5. I assume I have told you in the past but I treasure electricity over water. I may not be able to shower everyday but I am cool and my drinks are cold and I am not working in the dark.

We all continue to prosper and thank you for your prayers.

In Christ,

Jim Corner


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