Wednesday, June 25, 2014 11:25am-5:25pm CST

Dear All:

I am fully aware that I tell you often that we had a good day. I have also said many times that every day in Cameroon is a good day. Well, today was an extra good day. As you know from yesterday; there was little observable fruit. Today was completely different; we had 16 Bible studies and 14 baptisms! Thus far the Lord has led us to teach the gospel to 57 and witness the new birth of 27! Today was simply a case where the local churches had done an outstanding job regarding the prospects. Let me give you three special reasons why today was such a good day. First, yesterday I told you that I studied with a man named Michael and had a good feeling about him. This morning when I arrived he was there and listened intently to two studies. When we were taking the second woman he said he wanted to give his life to the Lord. Second; I worked in Diongo 2 years ago and had 7 baptisms. I inquired about them and 4 were students who moved but the 3 adults are all faithful! Third; I taught the gospel to Solange two years ago and at that time she said no. Since that time the church has been slowly working with her and today she made a decision to surrender to the Lord!

Here is how the day went:

Got up at 6:45. Slept well and for the first time in memory went all night with only a fan and no A/C. It has simply been too cold with the A/C. Had devo in Louis’ room and he gave the devo thought. These times are great periods of worshipping and bonding with each other. Truly speaking, a campaign cannot be described; it has to be experienced. Louis and I were not scheduled to leave until 10 so I actually went down and had breakfast. Eggs and bread but it was excellent. My dear wife would have loved to have been here because she has a special like for Omelets. The guys going to Matoh may have had some apprehension after yesterday but they did fine. The road was still horrible but they said their driver was excellent. The vehicle made it without incident. Louis and I climbed machines for the ride to Fiango (a suburb of Kumba) and then switched to machines for the ride to Diongo. When we pulled up in Fiango a bunch of drivers came at me saying “white man, white man” as they all wanted my business. I simply told them to talk to Louis. The road to Diongo and the road earlier to Kwakwa were completely different. As I told you in an earlier Howdy, the road to Kwakwa was dusty. Well, you couldn’t find a piece of dust today with a search warrant! I actually prefer the dust because it is safer. You are unlikely to fall in those conditions but on the mud with uneven roads you speak to God a lot! Things such as: ‘Father, don’t let us crash and burn’ or ‘Father, please surround this machine with your angels’ or ‘Father, help me to arrive upright’. Stuff like that! We did arrive upright and I walked to the church hall which is only 50 yards from the road. I begin by sharing some things with the preacher and a few members but then Sabina came to be taught. She is the one on the left below. A 21 year old who was very impressive. Next I taught a young lady that has promise but at this time is not prepared to surrender. Then I taught Solange (the one on the right below) and it was also a good study. As we were leaving to go to the water Michael spoke up. They said the way to the place of baptism was very treacherous and they wanted me to remain in the hall which I did. Shortly after they returned the heavens opened and rain fell. The roof is Zinc so the noise was incredible. After about an hour the preacher asked me if we could start because of the noise. I told him that they didn’t have to hear me but him since he was translating. If he was up to the task; no problem and he was. I think the singing was good but with all of the rain it was hard to tell. After the service I walked to the roadside to wait for a car. It was a 30 minute wait but finally a van came by with one extra seat. In America this would be a 7 passenger van but here it is 19! While things were tight they were not as bad as yesterday. We got stopped by the police and everyone had to show their ID card. One guy’s was expired and there was a lot of shouting. Finally he did the honorable thing and bribed the policeman and we were on our way. Got to the park and got a machine back to the hotel. I arrived about 6 and supper was not until 7:30. I started packing for our journey tomorrow. Supper is not simply good from the perspective of quality food but the fellowship is GREAT.

Miscellaneous thoughts:

1. Some of you have emailed me about my Mars Bars which I made famous in earlier years. I am having one right now but it is only the second one I have had. I have been buying Snickers and giving them to Vincent, Jean Claude and Louis.

2. I am not sure if the church paid their light bill. You see, they had two lights but they never turned them on. One brother had a flashlight in his phone and he read the Scriptures for me.

3. I have several physical goals when I come and thus far I have achieved them all: 1) Never break out my umbrella. That means that it didn’t rain at all or if it did, I was inside. 2) Never use my mosquito repellent. If the A/C is working the cold keeps those little fellas away and thus far, my OFF has not been touched. 3) Never use one of my towels. I prefer the hotel towels because it is less laundry and so far, so good.

4. Oh, that plane noise yesterday was a helicopter. The brethren said that a plane is missing and the copter is looking for it. They don’t know if it crashed or what.

5. The English Pidgin that they use is a very economical language. For example, yesterday when I went to the store I simply said to the driver; ‘wait small’ which is their way of saying: “hey Jack, I’ll be back soon.”

6. Two of the pictures below are in my restroom in my hotel room. Isn’t that a beautiful hot water heater? Doesn’t work but it sure looks nice. In the other picture you can see the ‘seatless’ commode with the adjoining shower. It allows you to multi-task, if you know what I mean.

I have been on the computer for a couple of hours. I got a shower earlier and will Skype Linda and do a few emails and hit the sack. We are all doing well and continue to thank you for your prayers.

In Christ,


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