Tuesday, June 24, 2014 11:305pm-5:30pm CST

Dear All:

Instead of being redundant I will simply be repetitive today! Aren’t I smart! This was a good day! Had 8 Bible studies and 1 baptism. I will start off with the day;

Got up at 6:45 after another good night’s rest. I am truly blessed because sleep problems do not accompany me on my trips. Electricity went off around 8:30 or so but it did not impact us at all. We have had about 6 outages since we have been in Kumba but all were short and posed no difficulty. Chris, Mark, Vincent and Jean Claude hired a 4 wheel drive to take them to Matoh and Mato Butu. The road is so bad that that is the only kind of vehicle that can navigate the road. Louis and I climbed machines to go to Fiango and then climbed two other machines to go to Diongo where I worked. Louis went on to Ediki Mbonge of which Kurt Simmons has fond memories. It was on that road that he and Vincent fell twice on the machine they were riding. When Louis arrived in Ediki Mbonge they were not prepared. They had not come to the meeting in Kumba on Saturday and thought that we would not show up. He spoke with the church and tomorrow is supposed to have prospects. Initially there were no prospects in Diongo because today was Market Day. All of the villages have one day in which the market is open so you have to go to buy your stuff or sell. I had a great period of ‘questions and answers’ with about 10 of their members. They also told me of the great problems they have with Charismatics. They are difficult because they are on a ‘feeling level’ and you cannot reason with them from the Scriptures. Of course, sometimes you will have one who is not deeply entrenched and you can reach them. I then had a study with a young man who professed to be a preacher although he has no church. I think the age of miracles would have to return to convert this young man. I only pray I am wrong. We studied and studied but his reasoning (I use the word loosely) was all over the place. My next study was with a 39 year old named Michael. This was a great study. It did not end in baptism but I believe this young man is going to give his life to the Lord soon. We had our afternoon service and as always, it was very encouraging. It was after the service was over that I took a taxi back to Fiango (look at #1 below). Once again, my knowledge of Kumba came in handy. I told the driver where I wanted to go but he did not know the place (Ngassa Super Market) but I told him I could direct him. I know all of the important places such as grocery stores and, er, well: grocery stores. Louis and I ate at 7:30 (note #5 below) and had an enjoyable visit as we discussed the Scriptures. I came back up to the room and got on my computer and have been working ever since. There is no water so will not be able to take a shower. The A/C, however, is very nice and I am quite comfortable. I was able to Skype with Linda, Alex and Charlie Brown. The connection was not good and we were both fuzzy but it was still good to see her and see her smiling face.

Miscellaneous thoughts:

1. On the way back I took a taxi because there was a threat of rain and , in fact, it did rain on the way back. It also had rained earlier so I wasn’t too desirous to climb on a machine on that road. I was wedged or lodged (take your pick) between the driver and a girl who must go to the Furr’s Buffett at least 5 times a day. She was only slightly smaller than Teresa Blaisdell so for those of you who know Teresa, you are now in deep pity for me. I got to sit on the shifter but I have done that on many occasions. We stopped one time so the girl could ease herself and my left leg could barely move!

2. I am sure we all know some serious sports fanatics. Well, I was talking to the preacher in Diongo this morning about futbol (soccer). You see, Cameroon was defeated yesterday by Brazil in the World Cup so they are on their way home. Evidently the people in Cameroon are not very happy. Well, I was told that in 1986 Zaire was in the World Cup. They did not score a single goal and the President of the country had the entire team put in prison. Now that is serious! The President said that the team had brought disgrace on the country. Louis told me that some Cameroonians would like to put their team in prison.

3. During one of the studies I heard a plane above. Don’t know where it was going but it was a strange sound.

4. As you know, Mark (my new best friend) is assisting me with making the change from Outlook to Gmail. Last night he started copying files and it ran all night and still did not get everything done. We had to close the machine because you don’t dare leave because of the electricity problem.

5. Why am I writing so late? Well, Chris, Mark, Vincent and Jean Claude got back about an hour ago. Did they have a journey! On the way the steering mechanism broke where the driver could spin it like the ‘Wheel of Fortune’ wheel! He was supposed to have been here by 9 but arrived at 11 because he had two bad tires he had to replace and some other maintenance. They arrive in Matoh at 1. I have been on this road but Jean Claude says it is the worst he has ever seen. Coming back the drive shaft broke (or whatever drive shafts do when they don’t function as they should). They had to get out and dig the mud out to be able to work on it. They were all dirty and tired when they got back. The restaurant closes at 10 so they put their food in Chris’ room and I got a good video. Jean Claude said that Chris said: “did Jim just put the young guys on this road?” I told them that every cloud has a silver lining: this one is that when they get back it will make a GREAT story! This is similar to what the Hebrew writer says about discipline. You recall that he says that while you are being disciplined you are not pleased but later on it yields positive fruit. Well, this road simply made them stronger and some day (not anytime soon) they will thank me. At least that is a slim possibility.

6. The pictures below are scenic views from each side of the hotel.

7. On a serious note: a great soldier of the cross went to be with the Lord last Saturday. His name was Clifford Yeldell and some of you knew him or of him. Clifford built two church buildings in Cameroon and assisted on a 3rd. He built a bunch of buildings in Ghana. This brother was around 80 and knew more Bible than 98% of the preachers I have known, including me. He was such a blessing to the Kingdom for sooooooooo many years. Please keep his wife Fay and son Robin in your prayers. He has other children as well but I don’t know them. I am sure that Clifford, Abraham and Lazarus are having a great time right now.

Well, it is time to shut down. Thanks for your continued prayers.

In Christ,

Jim Corner



2 Responses to HOWDY

  1. Ann Drew says:

    Sounds like you guys are doing a lot of good and definitely not lounging around in luxury! Keep up the good work!

  2. Mollie Drew says:

    We, too, heard of Brother Yelldell’s passing. His wife, Faye, was supposed to teach the ladies’ class at the Pecos River Encampment last week, but he had the heart attack before camp started. So, he was in our prayers all week. We were sorry to hear of his passing, but know he is in a better place. I didn’t know he had a history with Cameroon, but it sounds like he was a hard worker for the Lord. Tell Mark Hi for us.

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