Tuesday, June 23, 2014 10:55pm-4:55pm CST

Dear All:

Mark has been helping me tonight. He doing a GREAT job and is now my best friend. Generally you have to give me food to get that distinction but this young man is really a big help. I am making a switch from Outlook to Gmail to assist me in the future and he has done things that cause me to marvel. Now, he may not be as great as I think because I ‘marvel’ easily!

Had a great day with 17 Bible studies and 8 baptisms. We continue in prayer for both those who accepted the Lord but also for those who said no. We realize that this is the most important decision one will ever make and is of eternal consequence. I don’t know about you but I find myself too often being concerned with the things of this life. I can get irritated by a minor problem and get excited about something of little or no consequence. These campaigns are such a blessing and those blessings go far beyond our evangelistic studies. Here are just a few: 1) Sharing the Word with the local church. It is so good to be used by the Lord to share His Word. 2) The interaction we have with both the team members but also the native brethren. They are such an encouragement to us. 3) The spiritual growth that we receive from these trips. The words I put on this page will never convey the blessings we receive. 4) A greater appreciation for the physical comforts that we experience in the States. You come to realize that we have so much that can truly be called luxury. 5) The joy in knowing that you are having a part in the growth of a church in a country.

Here is how the day unfolded:

Got up at 7 with devo at 8. We met in Louis’ room and sang some songs, prayed and listened to some excellent thoughts from Vincent. He is such a dear brother and I love him so much. We ordered our supper (must be done in the morning) and left at 9:45. Jean Claude did not have any studies until 11 and Mark had to leave at 9 so it was Vincent, Louis, Chris and myself who left at 9:45. We climbed machines and went near the Car Park but the machines could not go all of the way because of some construction. We walked past it and then got a van to the Car Park. You cannot believe the cars we ride in. About the only thing that works is the engine and transmission but what more could you want? Vincent and I were very disappointed as we had no studies today. We did spend about 4 hours talking to the preacher and some other members and do not feel our time was wasted. I am convinced that our efforts with the local church will provide more long-term fruit than the evangelism. Don’t misunderstand; we pray that tomorrow will yield fruit for us. We had an excellent attendance this afternoon and I truly enjoyed my time with the Kwakwa brethren. The picture below is of their preacher; Divine. I mentioned in an earlier HOWDY that Bob Deister led him to Jesus in 2005. He recently graduated from preacher training school. There are 3 brothers that we converted on our campaigns who are now preaching the gospel! We got a taxi back and had an enjoyable ride. We stopped half-way back and the driver lifted the bonnet (hood) and did something. After 5 minutes we were off again. We got to the Car Park and Vincent had to go to town so I climbed a machine. I told him what hotel to go to but it became apparent he did not know where he was going. Fortunately, I know Kumba so I directed him. Had another great supper. Now; if you don’t like a handful of things you would be trouble. Your choices are fish, chicken, spaghetti, rice, fries and plantain. I am blessed because I can eat the same thing day after day and be happy. Vincent and Jean Claude came up for a couple of things and they both were happy to receive a Snickers Bar. I am downloading some folders (actually a GOB of folders) so I will not be able to Skype with Linda. BTW: one gob equals 3 ½ bunches!

Miscellaneous thoughts:

1. On the way back I mentioned to Vincent that Chris and Mark must be amazed at the rainy season. You see, it hasn’t rained a lick since we arrived and the roads are DUSTY. On the way home you get to eat dust as your appetizer before supper! Just think of what it is like in the dry season.

2. The speech and the way they phrase things can be quite interesting. For example, tonight I was preaching and I needed Vincent to read a text. His glasses were on the table behind us and he said: “I left my eyes behind.”

3. I mentioned similarities between America and the States and here is another. At night they will put out candles in case the power goes off. Just like America. I know that we keep a large supply of candles on hand and use them on a weekly basis.

4. Oh, I forgot: when I got home I checked and the water was on. That meant that supper could wait. Now, the water wasn’t exactly gushing out but it was OK.

We are all doing well and look forward to tomorrow. If I am late in responding to your emails it is because of this switch. Don’t worry; I will respond.

In Christ,

Jim Corner

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