Saturday, June 21, 2014 7:45pm-1:45pm CST    

Dear All:

It truly pays to be a slob and I am not joking. Slobs are the happiest people in the world because we don’t care whether the dishes are clean, the floor is vacuumed or the water is on! We just go through life having a good time. I bring this up because I just stepped in to get a shower (the water had been on earlier) but the water went on a holiday! Don’t know when it will return but that is OK. Here is the day:

Got up at 6:15 and was ready by 7. Got a call from Jean Claude that it was raining seriously in Bonaberi and they would be late. They came around 7:45 and we loaded and left around 8:15. On the way it rained very hard and once we got here we discovered that some rain had managed to infiltrate some of our clothes. Nothing was soaked and we will be OK. Had a marvelous breakfast on the road. Had prepared my bread last night with Chick-fil-a mayo and had an egg sandwich! Also brought some cold Orange Juice and it was very tasty. Nothing of significance on the road. We did get stopped by the Police at least 3 times to let them see our documents but everything was in order and we moved on. Picked Vincent in Muyuka and was able to see his lovely wife Patricia. They are such GREAT Christian people. When we arrived in Kumba we went to a grocery store to primarily buy water. I was shocked, however, to see Coke Zero! This is the first time I have ever seen it or Coke Light in Kumba. In the past they had a drink called American Cola and American Cola Light but they made Sam’s Club brand seemed like the real thing. When we arrived at the hotel we had plenty of workers to help us get to our rooms. A couple of the guys had to change rooms because A/C or something wasn’t working. This hotel is only 5 years old but it has ‘matured’ at a fast pace! My room has a nice A/C although it is somewhat warmer now than earlier. Typically at night the power is not as intense as during the day so A/C is slowed and the lights are not as bright. We had to go down to the market to buy about 6 lights or so. Kind of reminds me of the last time I stayed at the La Quinta Inn. My fridge is so good that the freezer had my first Coke Light cold within an hour or so. Later I had one freeze on me because I forgot it was there. The trials of life can be severe at times! Had our meeting @ 3 with the leaders of the churches we will work with next week. We will work with a set of 4 churches on Sunday and Monday and then 4 more on Tuesday and Wednesday. We are all excited. Supper was supposed to be at 5 but somehow they totally mixed up our order so it was about 6:15 before we ate but it was delicious. It is always a good time around the dinner table with our brethren. Didn’t take any pictures today so the one below is of one of the Dallas Cowboys I saw earlier this year. Rough looking hombre, ain’t he! Jean Claude is coming down to my room to print his lesson for tomorrow. Oh, I will be working in Kwakwa and one of the leading members there is a brother by the name of Divine. He was taught the gospel by Bob Deister one of our campaigns some years ago. Mark is going to help me switch over to Gmail as I am hoping this will help me on both sides of the ocean. I am praying that this will solve my email problems in the future. I am really amazed at Mark’s level of knowledge. That may, of course, speak more highly of my low level of knowledge. Thanks for your prayers and keep them coming!

In Christ,

Jim Corner

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