Thursday, June 19, 2014 1:55pm-7:55am CST

Dear All:

There is 6 hours between Cameroon and Dallas. We are still on the plane from Paris but will land in less than 3 hours. Not a whole lot to write about right now. Got up at 6 and was basically packed with a few exceptions. Met Chris and Mark downstairs in the restaurant. Those guys can really eat, especially Chris. I figger that they both may be 300 pounders by the end of this journey! Made it to the airport with no problems. Chris and I had a problem with our seat assignments but finally got it worked out. We have an entire row (4 seats) so we have some room. However, the guy in front of me has reclined his seat so I have to sit caty wompus (for some reason caty wompus got my spell checker’s attention) to write this missive. I went over all of my notes for the campaign and am ready to get there. Will do some reading and then land. Will write more before I send this.

Thursday, June 19, 2014 11:50pm-5:50pm CST

My goal last night was to get in bed by 8 and I made it by 10. Tonight my goal was to get in bed by 11 and I will make it by 1. Maybe I am setting my goals too high! The flight was smooth and actually 15 minutes early which is incredible for this flight. We sailed through Customs and actually got our bags faster than normal. They are remodeling this part of the airport and we were able to get out quickly. Jean Claude, Mary, Cyprian and Linda met us. Louis was running late and we saw him at the hotel along with two other brothers. One is named Julien and he preaches for the Dakar Church of Christ. His wife could not come because she is about ready to explode, that is, have a baby. The other brother is one I have talked about before. His name is Martin and he is a machine driver who carries us around a lot. It is so good to be back home. Yes, you read right; you see I have two homes. One of them is in Garland, TX and the other is anywhere in Cameroon. Of course like you, my ultimate home is heaven and that is what this ministry is all about. We were picked up by the hotel shuttle and it is a very nice vehicle. Took longer than usual to get back because they are repaving the road. Hotel is very nice with A/C and fridge. Jean Claude had put Coke Zero (Mark’s choice) and waters in our fridges. Jean Claude has been around me long enough that he put two in the fridge and 1 in the freezer. What a guy! Speaking of guys; below are Chris Simmons and Mark Drew. This is going to be such a great trip! I have unpacked, been able to Skype with Linda, Alex and Charlie Brown. Alex sure does like her Grandma (what’s not to like) and is trying to move in with us. For some reason small blessings are magnified here. For supper I simply combined some Beenee Weenees and Tuna but it was great! Added some Honey Roasted Cashews and some chocolate and I was in ‘hog heaven’ (or is that ‘Teresa Blaisdell Heaven’)? Was able to take a nice shower and do a number of other things. It looks like I will be close to the 1am time as I still have some stuff to do. Tomorrow we will go to a grocery store to get some things and basically relax. Then on to Kumba on Saturday. Thanks for your prayers.

In Christ,

Jim Corner

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