Wednesday, February 26, 2014 4:50p,-9:50am CST

Dear All:

This will be fairly short. One more HOWDY after this and I will write it in segments over the next 2 days and post it on Saturday. Since we are overnighting in Paris on the way back the need to sleep all night was not that important since there is no time change between here and Paris and we will get a good night’s rest on Thursday. Having said that, I slept well and got up around 8. I did most of my packing last night. Leisurely morning and Richard and I climbed machines and met Louis for lunch and it was quite enjoyable. So it would not take too long for lunch, we all ordered fish and it was very nice. Jean Claude came around 2 and then Linda and Mary came at 3 to discuss the schedule for the sisters who will conduct the seminars on the French side. We will leave in less than 1 hour for the airport and the flight is scheduled to take off at 11:55pm. As I said; the next and FINAL HOWDY will be longer. Thanks for all of your prayers. We are fine!

In Christ,

Jim Corner

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