Tuesday, February 25, 2014 6:25pm-11:25am CST

Dear All:

Lord willing, this is our last full day in Cameroon. The trip has been marvelous. As stated in earlier blogs; the physical aspect of the trip has been so nice but it is the spiritual that always stands out. We were privileged to train over 200 church leaders and not only teach, but learn from them. Richard and I have discussed several times on this journey that words and pictures cannot depict Africa. I can tell you about the living conditions but they are words that do not truly show the picture. I can speak of brethren with strong faith but once again, they are words that fail to adequately describe. I don’t want to convey an inaccurate picture; I am not stating that Cameroon is without flaw and that the church has arrived. There is a long way to go but I would make the same argument about the church in the States. I feel very good about the future of the church in this country. The large growth that I expect will not take place in my life. We are still in the foundation stage of the work in this country. I am, however, very optimistic that the Lord is going to do a great work in this country and you are a big part of that through your prayers and financial contributions.

Today was a restful day. I got up at 7 and called Lucy as we had said goodbye to her last night. I had forgotten a few things that I wanted to leave with her so she came by the hotel around 8 and collected them. Lucy is a dear sister who is making a huge impact on the Kingdom of God. We have many sisters like her in this country and I smile when I think of her. I called Linda to Skype with her and Charlie Brown. Also today a 3 year old named Michael is there as Linda cares for him on Tuesdays only. It was good to see them but Linda is not feeling well. Nothing life threatening but please pray that she gets to feeling better soon. I worked this morning on a Bible class that I have taught many times and that Louis wanted to have. I simply made a rough draft and will let him fill in the blanks. I also worked on culling the videos and pictures that I will show during my report. I did some emailing earlier and then Louis finally came. We went down to the Post Office to buy some cards and Richard wanted to look around. Jean Claude then joined us and we went and had a nice lunch. The food is always great but what truly makes it great is being with these two fine Christian brothers. I climbed a machine and went back to the hotel while Jean Claude and Louis went with Richard. Their mission was to buy some dress shoes for Richard. He is a ‘clothes horse’ so we are polar opposites in that regard. I wish that there was only one kind of shirt and pants and the only thing you needed was your size. I could care less about ‘matching’ but because some brethren do; I take my daughter with me when I am forced to clothes shop. Well, when they got back there were no shoes. Richard found a nice pair of Alligator shoes and they wanted 798,000 francs which is $1,734.78!!!!!!!!!!!! You can see why he did not buy them. I and Jean Claude had a lengthy discussion. It is always a pleasure to be with this brother. I am going to take a shower and then at 7 go down to Richard’s room to snack.

Isolated thoughts:

1. When we went to lunch I knew that I wanted a salad consisting of only lettuce, tomato and tuna. Richard had some tuna left so I took it with me and dumped it on my salad. Linda and I do the same thing at a place in Garland named Babe’s. Their salad is lettuce only with some kind of sweet dressing. Therefore, Linda smuggles in Croutons and Bacon Bits and the waitress is always surprised when she comes back and sees our salad.

2. This afternoon the four of us were talking about money as it relates to our wives. Richard had given some money to Louis (which Linda held) and then we gave some money to Linda for her work. Louis said: “her money is her money and my money is our money”! Richard replied: ‘same as in America!”

No pictures today. Thanks for your continued prayers. Also, I pray that you are praying for the situation in Yokaduma regarding the church hall and preacher’s house. I pray that many of you will be able to contribute. As I told you the other day; send no money now but email me with your pledge. If we collect enough we will go forward and if not, they will have to solve their problem alone.

In Christ,

Jim Corner

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