Monday, February 24, 2014 11:55pm-4:55pm CST

Dear All:

Good and relaxing day. Could not sleep late so got up before 8. Have you ever had a day, such as a Saturday, when you had the time to sleep in but still woke up? Well, that is what happened. Once I was awake my mind started working (it does that frequently) so I could not go back to sleep. Got on the computer and did some emails. I have to slow down at times and realize how different Africa is from when I first landed in 1988. Back then there were no Coke Lights (actually only Pepsi in Ghana), frequent loss of water and electricity (one time I went 21 days without a bath), of course no internet, no cell phone and no other kind of phone service. I realize that an American who has never traveled outside of the States might not be impressed with the hotel I am in but I am highly impressed. Louis came over at 10 and we went over some things regarding Noble Age 4 (the newest children’s curriculum), the purchase of some eyeglasses for a brother and a discussion regarding the situation in Dschang. Also, a brother from his congregation has Diabetes and last week lost his right leg a foot above the knee. A really sad situation and we gave his family some money to help with the hospital expenses. Louis accompanied Richard and me to the wood market. I had to buy one thing for a friend of Bapp’s and Richard got some assorted stuff for his family. Richard took Jean Claude and Louis to lunch as I abstained because we went to a restaurant tonight and I just snacked at lunch. Was able to get a lot of work done while they were out. When Richard got back he told me that they had to wait a full hour for their food and then they came out and told them there was no chicken so they ate something else. Richard went with Jean Claude to look around. At about 6 everyone showed up and at 6:30 we Skyped with Linda and Charlie Brown. He had a guitar that plays Hometown Alabama so he ‘played’ for us. We then went out for a nice supper. It is such a joy to be with our Cameroonian brethren. The faith that is evident in their lives cannot be transmitted with words. Below is a picture of the team. Lucy head back for Mamfe tomorrow so please keep her in prayer as she travels. Still some work to do tonight plus some errands tomorrow. Thanks for your continued prayers as we are feeling well.

In Christ,

Jim Corner

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