Sunday, February 23, 2014 8:45pm-1:45pm CST

Dear All:

It will come as no surprise to you that the combined service today was a true blessing. On this day the 4 congregations in Douala meet and our attendance was 227. This is a high figure for an assembly in Cameroon. The singing was led by two brothers; Pierre who is one of Jean Claude’s brothers and another named Franklin. They did an excellent job and it was a blessing to share this time together. I started off by teaching the adult Bible class. What I did was take 11 hours of instruction from the seminar and condense it into a 40 minute class. After I spoke there was a 20 minute question and answer period. This is something that we do not do in the States but think it could be a helpful tool in teaching. Richard then spoke on the need to be passionate about our relationship with the Lord. He pointed out that in our daily walk; we have many things we are passionate about. A large percentage of them will have no positive impact on our eternal well-being. I have learned over the years that human nature seems to be the same everywhere. Certainly in the States we have more than our fair share of lukewarm brethren and the same is true here. When you look at the small state of the church throughout the world you can see that if we were as passionate about living for Jesus as we are for some temporal things; the church would be dramatically bigger. Below is a picture of the gathering. Louis has a video projector so the hymns were on the wall. They have a white marker board that makes an excellent screen. We sang some songs that are familiar to you such as the one below and then many of their choruses. The picture at the bottom is that of Louis and Linda’s 3 children; Lori-Angela, Leon Gabby and Renea. Lori-Angela is named after Lori Sutton and Angela Lowe (Angela’s husband Chris has been here twice); Leon Gabby is named after me (my middle name is Leon) and I don’t actually know where the Gabby came from, certainly not from me; Renea is named after Renea Herberger who is the wife of the mission man at the Loveland, Colorado congregation. They are Louis’ American sponsor. After the service they fed all of us barbeque sandwiches and they were REALLY good! We visited for a good long while after lunch and then got a taxi back to the hotel. It was really hot today so the first thing I did was take a nice shower and then get into a t-shirt and shorts. I worked for several hours getting caught up on correspondence and some preacher reports. At 6 I went down to Richard’s room and we enjoyed a light supper. Am fixin to Skype Linda and then relax. I still have a good amount of work to do but have tomorrow, Tuesday and most of Wednesday as we do not fly out until around midnight on Wednesday night. Richard is feeling well now and I am feeling fine, too. Thanks for all of your prayers.

In Christ,

Jim Corner

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