Saturday, February 22, 2014 6:15pm-11:15am CST

Dear All:

It took me a week but I have finally caught up on some of my work. Not all but some. The dizziness last weekend really threw me for a loop (literally and figuratively) and I have just now been able to put on paper some of the quotes from brethren regarding the seminar and they are listed below. Truly speaking, we receive very few negative comments. A huge, huge percentage of the participants rave about the seminar and that is seen in the fact that brethren continue to come back year after year. I have stated on numerous occasions that I believe the seminars are the single greatest aspect of this ministry. We are directly teaching leaders who represent over half of all Christians in this country! Can you imagine such a gathering in the States? Obviously, Cameroon is dwarfed by the States but it is good to know that we are having a lasting impact on the maturation process of the church in this country. Let me share a few highlights of the day:

Slept in till 8:45 and got ready for Jean Claude at 10. He was promptly here by 10:30 although I must confess; last night when I asked him what time he would be here he said 10 and when I asked when would he REALLY be here he said 10:30 so technically he was on time. Oh, no pictures today because I didn’t take any. I kind of wished I had had my IPhone when I was on a machine today but I really have all of the machine video I need. Before I left the hotel the girl who cleans up the room came in. Here name is Michelle and I always give her a tip and today I gave her a Mars Bar. Small thing to us but she was so grateful. The wealth that Americans possess often leads us to fail to appreciate the many ‘small’ blessings that come from the Lord. Richard and Jean Claude went down to a pharmacy to get Richard some medicine that his doctor recommended. He had email Lori about his problem and we pray he will be 100% soon. We took a taxi (I am not sure what Jean Claude has against machines) and it was a dreadful experience. Hey, when you are used to Filet Mignon then Hamburger just doesn’t cut it. I had pizza today and it was really good. Jean Claude and Richard both enjoyed their lunch and we had a good discussion. You don’t go to a restaurant hungry over here or you will be removed by the mortician because you will die of hunger before the food arrives. Jean Claude had to go to the church hall so Richard and I hopped machines back to the hotel. We then went walking down the street looking into various shops. One small store had Ritz crackers and another had Oreos so we bought them. When you go into a store there is a man outside and he collects any packages you might have. If you have a backpack he will lock it up and give you a number and when you come out you collect your stuff. This is how they prevent shoplifting. Also, in many stores there are employees on every aisle watching you. By the time we got back to the hotel we were very hot. I knew we would not go out again today so I went ahead and took a shower. I have been working on reports and other things before we leave on Wednesday. Not only do I have to stay up on the things here but I have to check emails and do some work in America. Went down to Richard’s room a little after 5 to discuss how he was going to spend some money that his congregation had given him. BTW: I do pray that many of you can contribute to the problem in Yokaduma regarding Rodrique and the church and his house situation. At lunch Jean Claude spoke of the huge army base they are building there and how the soldiers are taking up most of the rent property and that is leading the landlords to up their prices. If we can build a building and house for Rodrique it will solve the problem. Tomorrow is the combined service of the 4 Douala congregations. I am teaching the adult Bible class and Richard is preaching. I will go over my lesson a few times and then relax. Thanks for your continued prayers.

In Christ,
Jim Corner




1. The seminars are very useful. I have learned how to be a servant and do the work of a servant.

2. More grease to the elbows of the Americans for their efforts in helping us to grow.

3. The seminar has helped us to avoid riots within the church. Note; oftentimes in church meetings they ‘shout’ on one another and this is dealing with a calming effect the seminars have had to bring peace between brethren.

4. We thank God for the seminar, the instructors and especially the sponsors.

5. The seminar is leading us to one day grow without the help of foreigners.

6. The seminars have increased our ability to reason.

7. God bless our brethren in America who are striving to help us grow.

8. The seminar has helped me to grow in the areas in which I am weak.

9. The seminars have helped many of our local congregations to grow. Brother; as long as the Lord gives you life please continue to come and teach us.

10. The supporters of this seminar is helping the church in Cameroon to have a positive change.

11. The seminars have helped my scope of understanding in the Scriptures.

12. We want the seminars to continue for the growth and edification of the church in Cameroon.

13. I have been attending the seminars for 15 years and they have helped me in growing leaders in my congregation.

14. I will tell you that the seminar has been very good to me. It has helped me understand the Scriptures in a better way.

15. The seminar is very good; it has touched our hearts and we pray that you will come back again and again.

16. By the mercy of our great God and our Savior Jesus Christ may you be blessed for your good work.

17. These seminars have been very helpful in equipping our leaders for service.

18. The seminar has caused broad growth in many of our congregations.

19. The seminar has helped to enlighten us spiritually.

20. The seminar is very useful because it has opened our understanding and given us more knowledge of the Scriptures.

21. I want these seminars to continue so we can grow in our faith.

22. The seminars have taught the sisters how to teach our children well.

23. Many of our churches did not know how to teach children but the seminar has helped many of us to learn how to effectively teach children.

24. You have taught me how to prepare a lesson that I can teach to the children in my church.

25. This is my first time in the seminar and I have been encouraged to be strong in my faith.

26. The seminar has helped me learn how to teach my children and my friends.

27. We thank our brothers from America and pray that they will continue to send those who will teach us more perfectly.

28. I have been so grateful for the seminar because it has changed the behavior of some of us drastically.

29. The 2014 seminar was a stepping stone to my Christian life.

30. The seminars have brought about many positive changes in the church in Cameroon.

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